Murder-Mystery Dinner Shows by Rogue Theater

Community theater troupe Rogue Theater will present a murder-mystery dinner show titled Sam Club, Private Eye, in the Case of the Malted Falcon. 

The titular investigator is guarding a priceless chocolate sculpture when it’s stolen en route to a New York City gallery. The thief could be any of the wacky cast of characters – and when one is murdered, it’s up to the audience to guess whodunnit.

Rogue Theater began doing murder-mystery dinners throughout Door County in 2013, and the tradition has continued every spring. This year’s schedule is as follows:March 14 at Samuelson’s Creek, 1009 S. Oxford Ave. in Sturgeon Bay. Call 920.743.3295 for tickets ($45 per person.) 

  • March 21 at Carrington at the Landmark, 7643 Hillside Road in Egg Harbor. Call 920.868.5162 for tickets ($55.)
  • April 5 at The Log Den, 6626 Hwy 42 in Egg Harbor. Call 920.868.3888 for tickets ($55.) 
  • April 6 at Drömhus, 611 Jefferson St. in Sturgeon Bay. Call 608.333.4553 for tickets ($35 for appetizers.) 
  • April 10 at Wave Pointe Marina, 3600 Cty CC in Sturgeon Bay. Call 920.824.5440 for tickets ($40.) 
  • April 20 at Door County Sandbox, 1024 Egg Harbor Road in Sturgeon Bay. Call 920.495.4443 for tickets ($40.)
  • April 25 at Carrington at the Landmark ($55.) 

Ticket prices include the show, dinner, tax and tip. Reservations are required.

A “show-only” performance will be held April 21, 2 pm, at the DC Arts Center, 917 N. 14th Ave. in Sturgeon Bay. Call Rogue Theater at 920-818-0816 to purchase those tickets for $15.

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