Natural-Dyed Clothing Collection of Peter Ciesla

Last fall was a time of intense focus for fiber artist Peter Ciesla of Bazyli Studio. Using locally sourced plants, he created a substantial body of naturally dyed organic and recycled textiles. Cottons, linens, wools and silks were transformed using black walnut, raspberry leaves, sumac leaves and flowers, Japanese knotweed, goldenrod and maple leaves. Ciesla has spent the last few months working with this incredible yardage. The result is a one-of-a-kind clothing collection “Impressions of Fall – Plant Dye Study #1,” a dream come true for this fiber artist and clothing designer.

Ciesla is owner along with his life partner, Skye, of Bazyli Studio Wearable Art Gallery in Baileys Harbor. He will feature this collection for the first time July 12-29. Ciesla has been sewing and designing clothing since his teenage years and has long dreamed of creating his own plant-dyed clothing line with organic, toxin-free and recycled textiles. He has been creating art-to-wear for 30 years, including the collaborative beaded jewelry line he creates with Skye. The gallery also has an array of work by a group of wearable and textile artists from the region and around the country.

Bazyli Studio Wearable Art, located at 2551 Ahrens Road in Baileys Harbor, is open 10 am to 5 pm, Wednesday through Sunday or by appointment.

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