New Virginia Maher Book Features Door County Forests

Jacksonport resident and art historian Virginia Maher has studied, taught, curated, collected and written about art, and the five books she’s authored help readers appreciate artists and their work. Through her newest book, The Forest, Maher finds beauty in art of a different kind.

“I am convinced that nature offers some of the finest ‘art’ there is,” she said. “In the forest, diverse living forms display lines, shapes, colors, textures, patterns, contrasts and movement in ever-changing compositions that are unique and beautiful.”  

Maher’s photographs were taken near Whitefish Dunes State Park, but the images are representative of all Door County forests. Thoughtful and helpful text accompanies the photos, which makes this book part souvenir, part art-quality gift book and part field guide to the area’s natural beauty.

The Forest is available for purchase at The Ridges Sanctuary’s Nature Store, the Whitefish Dunes Nature Center, Novel Bay Booksellers, and from the author at [email protected]