News From This Week’s Past: March 9 – 16

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor

March 6, 1874

Capt. Kirtland of Egg Harbor, he who used to sail steamboats for our benefit and his own, while he daily sang “Hit ‘im in the eyeball, Ben,” lit in our town, with his wife and his sister, Sunday evening, and lit out again Monday morning. We can’t see but that he is just as happy since he ornamented the top of the enormous hill with his conspicuous residence and taken to himself a wife to bake his bread & call him pet names, &c. as when he “kept old bach” in that little old log house and boiled his potatoes in a bag. It is really strange what some folks are made of.


The Independent

March 5, 1886

Our young folks do not intend to have the winter pass away without its usual gayeties. With the temperance meetings, singing school, dances and candy pulls there is considerable loss of sleep.


The Democrat

March 7, 1895

On Monday last George Laux made another attempt at jumping on skates and the result was that he covered 21½ feet, his former record being 18½ feet. George now has a cinch on the world’s record, as the best jumping previous to this was some 18 feet, which was accomplished by a Canadian.


Door County Democrat

March 4, 1905

Henry Weborg, of Fish Creek, has placed an order with the Sturgeon Bay Boat M’f’g. Co. for a 30 foot open fish boat. The boat will have an eight horse power Kahlenberg gasoline engine. Mr. Weborg is one of Door County’s enterprising fishermen, and his business demands a better boat than he formerly had.


Door County Democrat

March 3, 1918


One Million Feet of Timber to Be Taken from Peninsula State Park.

According to the working plan laid out by the Conservation Commission of the State of Wisconsin for Peninsula State Park in Door county, 1,000,000 feet of timber will be cut within the borders of the park within the next ten years. Work of carrying out this plan has already been commenced, and under instructions of the commission, Park Superintendent Doolittle has had a crew of men in the park and a part of the first 100,000 feet has been cut this winter.

Recently the Men’s Club of Ephraim, a strong organization, made a protest at one of its meetings, in having so much of the big timber in the park cut down. Superintendent Doolittle was conferred with, and the crew of choppers were withdrawn until members of the park commission could be consulted. However, the original plan will undoubtedly be carried out, and 1,000,000 feet of the 5,000,000 feet of timber that the park contains will be cut off unless some united action is taken and facts presented that cutting of the timber will be detrimental to the beauty of the park.


Door County News

March 8, 1928


Harry C. Lau received a carload of tires Tuesday to add to his present stock. The shipment was the largest ever received in the history of Sturgeon Bay at one time.


Door County News,

March 10, 1938

Equipment at CCC Camp Being Salvaged

FISH CREEK – Salvaging plumbing fixtures, furnaces and the larger water tank from the buildings making up the CCC camp in Peninsula state park was started Tuesday under the direction of Lieut. Shell of Sparta, who arrived here Monday evening. A large crew of men from various towns in the county is engaged in the work, which is being supervised by Walter A. Zachow, Fish Creek plumber.

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