Nine Wisconsin Communities To Vote on Citizens United Amendment

On April 4, Wisconsin residents in nine communities will vote on whether to amend the U.S. Constitution to clarify that only humans should have constitutional rights and that money is not the same as speech and political spending can be limited to allow all Americans to participate in the democratic process.

Voters will cast ballots in Racine, Monona, Blue Mounds, Fox Crossing and the towns of Neshkoro, Crystal Lake, Caledonia, Blue Mounds and Jordan. If all vote in favor, 106 Wisconsin communities will have called for the We The People amendment (including the City of Sturgeon Bay, which approved a resolution in support of the amendment on March 21). Nationwide, 18 state legislatures have done likewise, as have more than 730 towns, villages, cities and counties.

“We cannot solve any of the pressing issues in front of our country as long as our politicians do not represent us and they won’t until we get the big money out of politics,” said Racine resident Bill Earley.

Multiple polls show more 90 percent of Americans, regardless of party, think special interest money has too much influence in American political campaigns. Former State Senator Dale Schultz, summed it up well.

“We’re talking about billionaires turning this country into a Russian-style oligarchy, where there are two dozen billionaires who buy the whole political process… we are awash in money because of Citizens United, and it puts good people in both parties in a difficult situation.”

United To Amend is a nonpartisan, grassroots movement. For more information:

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