Notes from the Grove

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove providing Liberty Grove residents and
 visitors tid bits of information about goings on in Town Government

• Supervisor Covotsos asked the board to consider an ordinance against liquid manure spreading. As a result of that request the board has passed Ordinance 15-1 “Prohibiting the application of liquid manure using the center pivot irrigation systems.”

• A request from the Port des Morts Staircase project for the town to make up the difference in funding was turned down. The original agreement with the Neptune Dive Club was that the town would not participate in the funding of the project. The town did submit a Coastal Management Grant Application on behalf of the club since those grants must originate from municipalities. With the grant and fundraising the finances for the project were not met. It was suggested that during the budgeting process for next year the club make a formal request and continuing its private fundraising.

• The Board/Finance Committee will hold a mid-year update/report on the budget. A date has not been set. The Annual Meeting to review and vote on the budget will be moved to late September or early October from its previous November dates. It was felt that more citizens would be able to attend and vote at an earlier meeting.

• Ordinance 15-2 was passed which amended Ordinance 5-05. It allows private activity for profit utilizing town launch facilities to submit application for a commercial boat launch permit.

• The agreement between the town and Door County North has been signed. The town using room tax monies provides for a partial funding of the coordinator position.

• Baudhuin Incorporated was hired to survey the 2.75-mile Beach Road in preparation for paving in 2016.

• The Board/Finance Committee met with Rob Burke and Bill Rizzo of the UW Extension System. Rob is the local Door County representative. Bill Rizzo is a Local Government Specialist with the UW Extension System and his expertise is in community dialog and deliberation and civility in local government. He also is a consultant to the Wisconsin Towns Association. They plan to develop articles on the recent levy cap override that was passed for the 2015 Town Budget. Mr. Rizzo was impressed with the community response to the communication about the budget and need for the levy override. They plan to develop articles on the approach used by Liberty Grove and use those as examples for other municipalities.

• The board has been considering combining the clerk/treasurer position. Money was budgeted for a clerk shifting that responsibility from Administrator/Clerk Kalms. A part-time office assistant would be hired and consideration is being given to moving Treasurer Johnson into the Clerk/Treasurer position. This would provide the board and office an opportunity to determine what is best suited for town office administration. The establishment of a clerk/treasurer must be approved by the town electors and would be presented at the Annual Town Meeting in April.

• The new pick-up truck that was budgeted has arrived. The town crew is putting final touches/ equipment on the vehicle to save additional expense. The retired patrol truck has been sold.