Category: Health and Wellness

  • Align Your Vibration with Sound Massage

    I’ve listened to a lot of music, but I didn’t know there could be so many sounds at once. This was my immediate takeaway after a sound-massage session with Chris Zimonick, creator of the High Heart Project, named after the 13th chakra: what connects us to the divine. The project is a collection of her […]

  • Three Herbals Workshops at Junction Center Yoga Studio

    Joanne Bauman is an ardent follower of the Wise Woman tradition, one of the world’s oldest healing traditions, practiced in most cultures worldwide. Plant lovers are invited to join her for a series of workshops at Junction Center Yoga Studio June 8-9. “I know my plant allies deeply and count on them in a variety […]

  • Create Order by Maximizing Vertical Spaces

    Are you spring cleaning? Moving back into your summer space? Looking to simplify your environment year-round? One of the most useful tactics that you’ll ever take into the organizing battle is maximizing vertical space. Whether that means hanging objects from walls or ceilings, stacking them vertically, or just standing them on end versus laying them […]