Photo Poll: What is your special Thanksgiving tradition?

Photos by Rachel Lukas

Kristine Lukas said, “Everyone gets to request one menu item and contribute one. That way, we can spend time together in both the preparation and consumption!”

Kristine Lukas.

“Towel slapping when you’re washing dishes,” said Sarah Carlson (middle right) and Jen Lenies (middle left), who are joined by their towel-slapping crew. 

Sarah Carlson (middle right) and Jen Lenies (middle left).

Margo Wauters and her family said, “We get together at [Margo’s] grandparents’ house and have anything but the traditional Thanksgiving meal. This year we’re having breaded pork chops.”

Margo Wauters (right) and her family.

Scott and Lyne Brunswick said, “We always get a pie from Schartner’s for Thanksgiving and are so grateful to be joined by our family and grandkids.”

(From left) Scott and Lyne Brunswick.