Sevastopol Presents Virtual Ernest In Love April 9-11

Sevastopol’s drama department will stream Ernest in Love – a musical based on Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest – April 9 and 10, 7 pm; and April 11, 2 pm. Streaming links will be posted at

The musical follows the misadventures of two best friends, Jack and Algernon. When Jack gets tired of his country home, he travels to London, posing as the fictitious Ernest. When Algernon wants to avoid social engagements with his annoying aunt, he escapes to the country to take care of his very ill (and nonexistent) friend Mr. Bunbury. Hilarity ensues when reality and fantasy collide, causing confusion and threatening the engagements of both Jack and Algy. 

The show was recorded using video and editing techniques that allowed the actors to perform without masks. The actors filmed themselves in front of a green screen, with their scene partners saying lines at the back of the room behind a Plexiglas wall, and the actors were put together during the film-editing process.