Snow Day Medallion Winner Named

The Lodge at Leathem Smith worked with the P.A.T.H. Foundation in hiding the second annual “Snow Days Medallion,” and recently named the winner.

The medallion was worth up to $1,000 to the lucky person who found it hidden somewhere in Sturgeon Bay. “Snow Days” buttons were purchased for $2 from The Lodge at Leathem Smith or P.A.T.H., the proceeds for the button sales go to support the local families with children of special needs.

Ryan Neuchter purchased a button to support P.A.T.H.’s children and their needs, but also loved the hunt. Neuchter looked every day with friends and never gave up, even in bad weather. His dedication paid off on Feb. 28 when he found it. Congratulations to Neuchter for winning the $1,000 cash prize. Paul Meleen, owner of The Lodge at Leathem Smith, and the staff were delighted to work with P.A.T.H. and look forward to next year’s hunt.