Striver Gymnasts Capture Ten State Titles and Five Team Trophies

The Door County YMCA Strivers Gymnastic Team captured ten gold medals, ten silver, nine bronze and five team trophies this past weekend at the 2017 YMCA State Gymnastic Championships hosted by the Kettle Moraine YMCA in West Bend, Wis. The Striver Team qualified and competed 38 gymnasts in the tournament, and returned home with 44 total individual medals. The top 30 percent in each level are awarded.


  • Sophia Sternard (Level 1): All Around (AA) 37.85; Vault 9.7; Balance Beam 9.5
  • Tiani LeMieux (Level 3): Bars 9.0
  • Miya Eliyha (Level 6): AA 36.075; Vault 8.9
  • Laci Lautenbach (X-Cel Gold): AA 37.175; Beam 9.6
  • Kylie Newton (X-Cel Gold): Floor (14 and older) 9.575
  • Calla Hansen (X-Cel Gold): Floor (13 and under) 9.25


  • Sophia Sternard (Level 1): Floor 9.3
  • Jozlynn Burlo: AA 37.80
  • Tiani LeMieux (Level 3): Floor 9.45
  • Julia Gregory: Beam 9.3
  • Miya Eliyha (Level 6): Beam 9.225; Floor 9.375
  • Laci Lautenbach (X-Cel Gold): Floor 9.35; Bars 9.45
  • Katie Peot (X-Cel Gold): Floor 9.35
  • Kylie Newton (X-Cel Gold): AA 36.525


  • Tiani Lemieux (Level 3): AA 36.35
  • Daylia Sund (Level 3): Vault 9.35
  • Reetika Jandu (Level 6): AA 34.675, Vault 8.8
  • Makiala McCambridge (Level 6): Bars 8.875
  • Desirae Guilette (X-Cel Silver): Bars 9.5
  • Kylie Newton (X-Cel Gold): Vault 9.05
  • Katie Peot (X-Cel Gold): AA 36.35, Bars 9.325

The Striver Team competed in five different levels at the State Meet. A team trophy was won at each level. Level 1 placed second out of eight teams. Level 3 was ninth out of 17. Level 6 earned second out of 13. X-Cel Silver grabbed third out of 10 teams and X-Cel Gold won second out of 10 teams. They were edged out of first place by a mere .05.

The YMCA Strivers Team has had a fantastic 2016-17 season. The team is pleased that every one of the Striver Gymnasts qualified for State and Nationals this year. Nationals will be held in Savannah, Georgia from June 28 to July 2. The following 10 gymnasts will make the journey to Savannah: Daylia Sund, Tiani LeMieux, Maddie, Izzy and Mallory Barker, Laci Lautenbach, Alexis Hemminger, MaKiala McCambridge, Miya Eliyah and Reetika Jandu. The gymnasts are coached by Nikki Pollman, Amy Gamble, Gerritt DeJonge, Mikki Rankin, Heather Sund, Erin Hemminger and Hillary Sheppard.

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