Thanks For Your Support

Residents in the Sevastopol community will be asked on April 7 to vote on whether or not they support a referendum for our school district. Over the past decade, our school board and Sevastopol’s respective administrators have responsibly studied the options available to them in regards to the continuing operation of our school. I have been asked questions that are likely shared by others about the necessity and reasons for supporting school referendums. “Seek first to understand” has been my approach regarding this issue. Understanding how our school operates, how it is funded, and what measures our school board and administrators have taken to operate the school effectively on a limited budget, are key factors in making this very important decision. I fully support this referendum in order for our school to remain open and continue to perform at a high level.

Sevastopol has a caring and knowledgeable school board that is able to make tough choices and has a willingness to listen to the community, all the while moving our school towards a bright future. The administrative staff has a difficult job balancing state mandates affecting our school’s budget process and resources, while providing the best education possible. Volunteerism at our school is off the charts and appreciated by all who work at the school. I admire all these folks for all their hard work. One only has to look at Sevastopol’s countless achievements and local, state and national recognition to realize what a true gem our school is.

When it comes to our teachers, let me just say: It is certainly true our state has been subject to plenty of controversy. We all know about the changes that have been made, sometimes making relations “a bit tricky” in our community. I for one support our teaching staff 100 percent. Having the opportunity to work with countless staff members across the board, I have found them all to be extremely dedicated, hardworking, and caring individuals. Their determination to contribute to our school’s success is most certainly reflected in the growth and success of our academic programs, extracurricular programs and athletics. Our teachers, along with strong parent involvement, play perhaps the most vital role in our school’s success. Sevastopol School is on fire! We are steadily growing and improving.  My hat’s off to you all.


Leif Lautenbach

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.