The Cactus Blossoms Coming to Door County Brewing Co. Music Hall

The Cactus Blossoms, the vintage country and rockabilly duo of Minneapolis brothers Jack Torrey and Page Burkum, bring their pristine harmonies and ageless sound to the Door County Brewing Co. Music Hall on Thursday, August 2 at 7pm.  The duo offers timeless writing, foot-tapping rhythms, and heartfelt lyrical songs with a nod to other great sibling bands like the Everly Brothers, the Stanley Brothers, the Monroe Brothers, the Delmore Brothers, and the Blue Sky Boys.  It seems there’s no sweeter sound than two brothers harmonizing over a sad country tune.  Doors open at 6:00pm for this show and advance tickets are available at

“When my brother and I started making music as The Cactus Blossoms there wasn’t a big plan,” said Jack.  “We cut our teeth performing some well known and obscure country songs that were popular or unpopular pre-1960, partly out of curiosity and deep appreciation, but mostly because it was fun.  Over time, our repertoire had snowballed into an amalgam of original songs and a bunch of gut wrenching, tongue-in-cheek heartbreakers, that were 30 years older than us.  Not everyone could tell what was new and what was old, and it didn’t really matter.  People just seemed to enjoy it.  That’s when the wheel got going and gave the illusion of spinning backwards.  We weren’t born in the wrong era.  We just got into some music from a different era and found a way to make it our own.”

“Our most recent album, You’re Dreaming, is the culmination of several years of songwriting and the kindness of thousands of miles and friends. With a cast of characters, experiences, and personal perspectives, set in simple rhymes and sung in harmony, we try to paint a picture in your mind.”

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