This Week In Door County History: July 14 – 21

The Expositor, July 10, 1874

STURGEON BAY is getting to be quite a resort for pleasure seekers. Several are now stopping here spending their time fishing and boating upon our bay, and are enjoying it hugely.


Weekly Expositor Independent, July 10, 1885

L.M. Washburn’s little boy, Georgie, met with an accident while helping celebrate the fourth, which came near causing him to lose the sight of his left eye. The little fellow had placed a large firecracker in the upper outside pocket of his coat, allowing the fuse to protrude several inches. This proved too great a temptation for the other boys, who were overflowing with patriotism and mischief, and some one of the thoughtless crowd set fire to the fuse, and the usual explosion followed, injuring the little fellows face quite badly, but not doing as great damage to the sight of the eye as was at first feared.


The Democrat, July 12, 1894

Some unregenerate scamps stole a railway velocipede belonging to the Ahnapee & Western Co. and which was left on the track here over Sunday. They broke the padlock with which the vehicle was fastened and ran the machine out to Forestville, where it was abandoned. The company offered a reward for the apprehension of the fellows who did the mischief but they have not yet been discovered.


Door County Democrat, July 11, 1903

There is a great demand for labor of all kinds in this vicinity at present and not an idle man can be found. The stone quarry companies have not men enough to handle the work which they have on hand, and it is causing a great deal of inconvenience.


Door County Democrat, July 12, 1918


Upon the complaint of the Egg Harbor branch of the Council of Defense, John Sarter, a farmer of that township was brought before Judge Meverden, on Monday on a charge of trampling on and cursing the American flag. The deed was committed in an Egg Harbor saloon on the morning of the fifth after attending a Fourth of July dance.

Sarter claimed that he was drunk at the time and did not mean it.

Judge Meverden complied with the district attorney’s request and imposed a fine of $100 and costs, amounting on all to $136. Judge Meverden imposed the maximum fine as a warning to others in the locality from which Sarter comes from who have pro-German sympathies.

The local exemption board has also petitioned the district board to transfer Sarter from Class 4 to Class 1 as it is their opinion that the men of Sarter’s kind are the ones who ought to be on the firing line.


Door County News, July 8, 1926

A Road Hog Who Came To Grief

Here is a story that will be read with relish and satisfaction by all drivers of automobiles.

Saturday afternoon a big Marmon was going south on Highway 17 and when near Maplewood met a Buick coming north. The driver of the latter car held the middle of the road and forced the Marmon into the ditch. The driver was so incensed at the action of the road hog that he turned around and gave chase, catching up to him on the toll bridge where he crowded the car into the rail compelling him to stop.

He then ran over and dragged the driver out of the seat and after knocking him down a couple of times, blacking both eyes and giving him a bloody nose, handed him his card and car number and invited him to press a charge of assault. He then turned around and went on his way, with the admonition to the road hog to be more careful next time whom he crowded into a ditch.

It is to be regretted that his name was not obtained so that a medal of appreciation might be obtained and presented to him.

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