This Week in Door County History: June 23 – 30

All items are from the Door County Library’s newspaper archives, and they appear in the same form as they were first published, including misspellings and grammatical errors.


The Expositor, June 18, 1875

Telegraph Line to Bailey’s Harbor.

Mr. Moses Kilgore, with his well-known spirit and energy has secured enough subscription to put in operation a telegraph line from this place to Bailey’s Harbor, and Mr. T.B. Scott has very generously offered to operate this end of the line without charge. This will be a great convenience to the business men at Jacksonport and Bailey’s Harbor. Great praise is due Mr. Kilgore for the enterprise shown by him.


The Independent, June 24, 1887

While at Sister Bay on Tuesday afternoon we saw the large roller mill which Andrew Roeser is constructing. The mill will be the largest one this side of the lake above Manitowoc and possibly above Milwaukee. The mill structure is very large and when completed will contain six complete sets of rollers, giving the mill an immense capacity. Mr. Roeser is also handling at present a large number of logs and wood, which made the scenes in and about the mills quite a busy one.


The Democrat, June 21, 1894

The track-layers on the railroad are now working only about five miles from this city and the present indications are that the road will reach Bay View about the 4th of July.


Door County Democrat, June 20, 1903

The local authorities are seriously contemplating the advisability of laying a sewer main on Cedar street preparatory to covering that thoroughfare with some sort of pavement, probably macadam, which is the best and cheapest for a city of this size. The public will gratefully accept almost anything in the way of permanent improvement to that street.


Door County News, June 16, 1921


Mrs. Hannah Erdman, aged 90 years, who resided with her son Julius in the western part of the town of Nasewaupee, committed suicide by hanging herself from the bed post in her room while members of the family were absent. The reason of the old lady taking her life will always remain a mystery, as she was comfortably situated and the family did all they could to make her life pleasant. Some years ago she lost one of her feet in a mowing machine and of late she had been in somewhat poor health, due to advanced age, and this may have temporarily unbalanced her mind, during which time she took her life.


Door County News, June 21, 1923

The Door County Publicity and Travel association has opened an information bureau in their office in this city. They invite women and girls who are looking for employment to register and they will be glad to assist them in finding places to work. Owners of hotels, summer resorts and summer visitors in need of help are also invited to leave their names and needs with the secretary, who will try and find the help required. The office is in the Chamber of Comerce building on Cedar street, adjoining Shimmel the Grocer.


Door County News, June 21, 1934


Helen Schreiber, 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Schreiber, Fish Creek, miraculously escaped serious injury when she fell from a 100-foot cliff near her home Saturday. She was playing near the cliff when a friend playfully tossed a shoe near the edge and Helen ran to recover it when she lost her footing and plunged downward. She fell onto a moss covered ledge better than half way down which broke the fall somewhat, then rolled off the ledge and fell the remaining distance to the bottom.

The injured girl was rushed to the Egeland hospital where an examination revealed that besides a badly bruised body, a fractured wrist was the only injury sustained.

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