Tourists Leave, Construction Resumes

Baileys Harbor, Jacksonport, Sevastopol – Now that Labor Day weekend has passed, signaling the end of Door County’s peak tourist season, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) will resume the Highway 57 construction project. 

WisDOT began the $6.4 million resurfacing project on May 3, but the department suspended it June 29 for the duration of the main tourist season. Crews will resume work the week beginning Monday, Sept. 13.

The 17.5-mile construction area stretches from the Highway 57/42 split in Sevastopol to Summit Road in Baileys Harbor. The project is scheduled for 55 working days, or approximately three months. Work involves milling and resurfacing the existing asphaltic lanes and shoulders, adding gravel to shoulders, improving beam guards and associated minor grading, working on center-line and shoulder rumble strips, and marking pavement.Visit to learn more about the project.