Trapani Receives Outstanding Young Alumni Award

Christiana Trapani, owner of Door County Candle Co. in Carlsville, was honored for her achievements by her alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, during Homecoming 2023.

Trapani was one of three UW-Oshkosh grads to receive the Outstanding Young Alumni Award for her professional and civic accomplishments within 15 years of receiving their degrees as well as their future promise.

A second generation Ukrainian-American, Trapani raised $1 million for Ukraine through her Carlsville-based company, Door County Candle Co. 

Trapani expanded her philanthropic business model following that successful relief campaign, and now sells candles for causes around the world, as well as those at home in Door County. Those have included candles for the California flooding, the Turkey earthquake, Hurricane Ian, the Door County YMCA, Third Avenue PlayWorks, Operation Not Alone, Hawaii fires and the Morocco earthquake.

Trapani earned a bachelor’s degree in communications studies, with a minor in radio TV film in 2016. In 2018, she earned a master’s degree in digital communication strategies from Marquette University.

“None of us at UWO are surprised by Christiana’s success as a business owner and philanthropist,” said Jennifer Considine, communication studies professor and department chair, in a UW-Oshkosh Today story. “She started our program as a shy student, reluctant to speak her brilliant thoughts, but by graduation, she was a class leader challenging other students to speak up for causes that mattered to them.”