Weather Wizard: Buddha Bird

Every June, when I visit my parents in Michigan, there is one chore that I know is always on the agenda: shoring up the sandstone wall that frames the small reflecting pond. As a teenager, I had built this pond on a creative whim, and 20 years later, I am still somehow singularly responsible for its upkeep.

This annual task of rebuilding the pond wall and its meandering rock waterfall always receives the most gratitude, with the smallest amount of physical effort. Compare this chore to that of cleaning out the basement, a task that I’ve flatly refused without apology in recent years, “No, mom, I will not. I think it’s a great relationship-building chore for you and dad.”

As I was kneeling next to the pond, amongst the tender new ferns and tall promising spikes of lilies, I was suddenly startled by a flutter and wisp of wind past my ear; a baby bird had skipped off of my left shoulder before it clumsily landed on the sandstone rocks. An awkward landing that scored a one out of 10. The baby bird dug its claws into the small compacted grains of sand on top of the rock. The small charcoal colored bird with tan legs wobbled and fluttered on the newly built cascade, where it sat joyfully tilting its head back and forth and flapping its fledgling wings in the trickling water. To my delight, the delicate creature hopped and skipped up to the highest stone and stared at a Buddha statue that marked the start of the waterfall.

What are they discussing, I wondered? Was I meant to be part of the conversation or just a fortunate observer? I imagined that the baby bird was sent by its parents as part of a ritual into adulthood. “You must stop by the Heise garden and speak with the happy Buddha. We will not be here upon your return, many blessings on your journey little one.”

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”- Buddha

Happy 4th of July!

Your weekend forecast:

After receiving a strong weather system midweek, Mother Nature gifts us a weaker system Friday morning. Still some uncertainty in the track of the system which will impact rain chances during the weekend period. Midday and late afternoon solar heating will bring best chance for thunderstorms of the scattered variety on Friday and Saturday. Some storms may become severe. Sunday will bring abundant sunshine and accompanied by comfortable temperatures.

Friday: A chance of showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 1pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 69.

Saturday: A chance of showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 1pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 73.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 73.


All weather predictions are based in science with information gathered from the National Weather Service, and are subject to change depending on the weather.

Growing up in Michigan, Ryan Heise began keeping a fishing journal detailing the weather conditions and can still recall his hometown weatherman’s name. His fascination with weather has never wavered and began to heighten when planning surf trips while living in Florida. Now proud to call Door County home along with his wife Mary and dog Ruby, he has found a new fascination with the unique microclimate of Door County.

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