Weekend ReCAP


1_I started off the weekend in the Pulse garden, pulling weeds and harvesting radish, basil and squash. I went home with lots and lots of little yellow squash ready to be eaten!

2_Then off to Husby’s to relax and chat with fellow Pulse employee Sally Slattery. We had fun throwing dollar bills at the ceiling (mine stuck on the first try!). I’m told the money goes to a good cause, so I recommend giving it a try.


3_I had a lazy Sunday morning and spent most of it reading and listening to the rain. Once the clouds cleared I headed out on a bike ride to enjoy some beautiful Door County scenery.

4_Off to the beach! I met up with friends at Pebble Beach and spent the afternoon playing in the water, trying not to stub my toes on the slippery, algae-covered rocks and watching puppies play on the shore.

5_At dusk I headed over to Welcker’s Point in Peninsula State Park to hear park naturalist Kathleen Harris’s presentation on bats. Once the sunsets, bats start flying out of the building and into the woods, putting on quite a show! By the way, did you know a little brown bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes an hour?


6_I woke up on Sunday and made a big, gooey dessert – the best way to start your morning, hands down.

7_Once the morning baking was through, I went for a walk around the Land Trust’s Ephraim preserve at Anderson Pond. It’s a nice, shady, secluded trail that will make for a great cross-country ski spot in the winter.

8_After my walk I decided to enjoy some local indoor attractions. I drove to some gift shops looking for a wedding present for my cousin. I saw some great stuff, but am far, far too indecisive to pick out a gift in one day. So, like I do on all shopping trips, I ended up at Bargains Unlimited resale store in Sister Bay to find some hidden treasures.


9_Late Sunday afternoon, I decided to brave the busy Peninsula State Park again and headed back for a hike. I climbed Eagle Tower, and explored some trails I hadn’t walked before.

10_I was just in time to catch the sunset on the way home. I pulled over at the Ephraim beach, and walked into the water to watch the brilliant sun as it went down over the park, marking an end to my awesome weekend.

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