WPT to Record Birch Creek Concert

With its high-definition, 36-foot mobile production truck, Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) will record the Birch Creek Percussion and Steel Band concert on June 28, and the Symphony concert on July 3. In preparation for the recordings, WPT technical staff and production crew visited the Birch Creek campus in April, with Executive Director Alan Kopischke as their guide. WPT staff inspected, measured, photographed and asked questions relative to Birch Creek’s historic performance barn, lighting and recording equipment, natural acoustics, students and concerts.

Kopischke said, “In 2011, Wisconsin Public Television unveiled their new production vehicle, and Birch Creek was honored to be among its first recording destinations for a ‘Jazz at Birch Creek’ concert. It was a great experience! We are thrilled to have WPT back on our campus to record these two concerts, so viewers throughout the state can have additional opportunities to enjoy the musical talents of our students and faculty.”

A camera rehearsal will be conducted during the Drumming Comedy and Pops concert June 27. This performance will also feature “Otto the Autopilot,” the star from the movie Airplane! and Travel Wisconsin’s new TV ad. Attendees at the rehearsal and taped concerts should be aware that they may be included in the recordings, and brief, minimal obstructions are a possibility. Everyone involved in the production will take care to be respectful of the audience’s experience. For more information visit