Notes from the Grove: Town Moves into New Offices

Welcome to the Notes from the Grove providing Liberty Grove residents and visitors tidbits of information about goings on in town government.

• The town offices are now back at the Town Hall and open to the public. There are separate offices for Janet, Bud, the town assessor, building inspectors, utility commission and town chairman. It will take time to get fully settled and records stored. A ribbon cutting ceremony has been planned for 2 pm on December 16. An open house will be rescheduled for later allowing time to get fully moved in and settled. We are anticipating a Saturday afternoon to allow more people to attend.

• We are currently waiting for the outside building lights to arrive and be installed. The original lights were returned as the manufacturer sent the wrong color. All parking area lights have been installed and are working. The town crew members are waiting for both cranes to be operational as they encountered problems with the motors on both cranes. Painting of the meeting area has been completed and the new floor has been sealed and buffed.

• Bud and I had the opportunity to do a quick walk through of the Hidding Purchase property with Bob Fay, the archaeologist hired by the town to do a archaeological search of the property. Since the DNR has designated the area an archaeological site, we are required to survey the area as part of the granting process. Fay spent last week Wednesday, Thursday and Friday doing his research. We invited him to give an informational report to the public at a future meeting.

• The Parks and Property Committee reviewed and approved the final installations at the Ellison Bay Beach. The Remediation Project there has now been completed.

• A special board meeting has been scheduled for December 22 to hear a presentation by Chief Chris Hecht regarding the purchase of a new aerial truck. It will be at 6 pm at the Town Hall. The meeting is open to all interested citizens.

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