Anxiety Anthems Playlist

Music suggestions for Mental Health Awareness Month and beyond

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. As someone with anxiety and a general panic disorder, I have always found that music is a safe place to explore emotions and let them go, and there are so many songs I turn to when I need a boost or a sense of catharsis. 

Here are some of the songs I go to the most and what draws me to them.

“Poem (Precision Version)” by Taproot

This song is really what inspired this list to begin with. First off, I am a fan of Nu Metal, which, as a genre, is excellent if you need to rage to yourself. Second, the lyrics of this one are pretty on the nose and speak to continuing on, even when things are hard.

Favorite lyric: “Overbearing panic attack entrenching my veins, / in an hour, I’ll be okay, / I pray this pain will go away permanently someday”

“if i were a fish” by corook feat and featuring Olivia Barton

This song has recently been on repeat, and if you’re on TikTok, it might be familiar. The song was written by corook and their girlfriend, Olivia Barton, after corook had a day of “feeling insecure and out of place.” This song has been bringing much joy to my life lately.

Favorite lyric: “How lucky are we? / Of all the fish in the sea? / You get to be you / And I get to be me”

“Overwhelmed” by Royal & the Serpent

For me, this one is all-around relatable, lyrically speaking.

Favorite lyric: “I get overwhelmed so easily / My anxiety creeps inside of me / Makes it hard to breathe / What’s come over me? / Feels like I’m somebody else”

“Kites Are Fun” by The Free Design

Ending on a positive note, I think everyone should have a song that instantly makes them happy. For me, it’s this one. It’s impossible to listen to this song and feel anything other than pleasant.

Favorite lyric: “see my kite it’s green and white / laughing in its distant flight / all that’s between us is a little yellow string / but we like each other more than anything”

Do you have a favorite anxiety anthem? Email your recommendation, along with why you picked it, to [email protected] so we can add it to the list!


From Diane Evenson:
“Jump” by The Pointer Sisters

I just have to jump up and dance to this tune, even when I am by myself! Dance is a great stress reducer!

Favorite lyric: “When you are next to me, I come alive”