Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department Offers Well Abandonment Cost-Share Program

Unused and improperly abandoned wells are a threat to groundwater quality. If not properly abandoned, wells can be a direct conduit of surface contaminants to ground and drinking water. Whenever you see an old dilapidated windmill, a rusty hand pump, or just a pipe sticking up in the middle of a field, it may be an improperly abandoned well and a threat to your drinking water.

Door County offers a well abandonment cost share program to abate or decrease the potential of water pollution in the county. This is a voluntary program which offers financial assistance to eligible landowners and provides payment up to 90 percent of total costs to properly abandon unused wells.

If you have an unused and or an abandoned well and would like to know more about this cost-share program, contact Conservationist Krista Lutzke at the Door County Soil and Water Conservation Department at 920.746.2363.

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