Featured Pet: Sage

Hello Pulse readers, my name is Sage. I came to the Door County Humane Society (DCHS) as a stray more than a year ago. Although a true lady never tells her age, I am proud to report that I am in the prime of my life at only four years and seven months old. I am known here at DCHS to be a true beauty. My unique orange and black coat and mesmerizing green eyes that sparkle like brilliant emeralds make me truly something to see. I am a full-figured girl and my New Year’s resolution is to get rid of a few of these holiday pounds. Since I am the fairest of them all, I prefer to keep my own company and be the only feline of the household. Many here at DCHS describe my personality as sweet, playful and inquisitive. My hobbies include cuddling up in human laps and taking long naps. I also enjoy receiving as much TLC as possible. So let’s make this easy on both of us, you know you are already falling in love with me, so please stop trying to come up with an excuse for why you shouldn’t adopt me, and instead come into DCHS and rescue me today. I know we both will be happy that you did!

The Door County Humane Society, located at 3475 County PD in Sturgeon Bay, is open 12 – 6 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday; and 12 – 4 pm Saturday. For more information call 920.746.1111 or visit


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