Volume 17 Issue 19 – Section 1

In this issue

  • Classic and Wooden Boat Show in Sturgeon Bay this Weekend

    The Door County Maritime Museum is building off the “Boats, Books & Brushes” theme it introduced two years ago at this year’s Classic and Wooden Boat Festival as it continues to broaden its appeal beyond the collection of interesting and stunning vessels it attracts each summer.

  • A Dusty Memory

    Winnie Lugerson was on her way home from the Christian Women’s Circle luncheon when her car began to shimmy and make a loud flapping sound. A flat tire.

  • How Training Averted Tragedy in Sturgeon Bay Standoff

    Training kept a volatile situation from getting out of control Monday in Sturgeon Bay.

  • Ferry Traffic Down in 2011

    After a very slow early summer, ridership on the Washington Island Ferry returned to normal in July, but the total number of passengers for the year is still down 5 percent.

  • Egg Harbor clinches DCL title

    Coming news in Door County.

  • Liberty Grove to host listening session

    Coming Up Liberty Grove plans listening session • The Liberty Grove Town Board will hold a listening session Aug. 11 at the Liberty Grove Town Hall at 7 pm.

  • Nuke plants and economics

    A look at the world in Numbers.

  • Habits

    I am a silent person / brief by nature / imparting things / unaccustomed to clamor

  • Red Scarf

    The small pictures / the moments / of a red scarf / on the woman hanging / up a white sheet a museum tableau

  • Winter

    Winter is an aging red-haired neighbor / who tosses rock salt out an upstairs window / across her porch roof

  • Braille Reader

    You caress my poem / between finger and thumb; / I hear the scrape of skin / as your fingertips slide / from ocular shadow into light.

  • A Weed by Any Other Name

    He is her proverbial bad penny, / bad seed, bad dog.

  • Leaving Waupun

    The geese are returning too early / from the south. I want to tell them / their optimism is unfounded.

  • Swings

    “Hang up the swing of love today!” ~ Kabir / What kind of swing / would that be, / Kabir?

  • Domicile Art Fair Returns

    The 23rd annual Art Fair at Domicile returns Friday and Saturday, August 5 and 6, in Sister Bay. The creativity and quality of Domicile’s Wisconsin artisans, all making their only Door County appearance this year, will be highlighted in the orchard surrounding Domicile.

  • Making the Midway at the Door County Fair

    As fair goers flock to John Miles County Park in Sturgeon Bay this weekend, they’ll see the Ferris wheel, maybe get a funnel cake, or try to knock down some milk bottles with a baseball.

  • Door County Fair Schedule

    Fairgrounds open at 5 pm Wednesday, then 9 am Thursday – Sunday. Rides begin at noon. Grandstand Events • Wednesday, Aug. 3 7 pm. Music by Pink Houses (Mellencamp Cover Band) • Thursday, Aug. 4 6 pm. Door County Cooperative/NAPA Auto Parts Winged Sprint, Wisconsin Legends Dirt Racing and IMCA Stock Car Races • Friday, […]

  • Last Wall Standing

    we took pictures / as the old factory building / was demolished

  • Tamaracks

    It’s the afternoon of the harvest ball; / the tall girls are donning their golden gowns, / twirling this way and that

  • Old Love

    In lust, we called it love during summer nights / when young, wild heartbeats mimicked feelings true.

  • Angel Fire

    the mystery of cornstalks / murmuring among themselves / a brown-skinned man / in orange serape / walking between them

  • A Simple Harmony Brings Me to My Knees

    Just two voices keyed close for eternity / and our children running brave and free / across sunset grass.

  • Presque Vu

    Mid-spring morning, yet with Wisconsin’s winter lethargy its still 42 degrees, overcast. I wake begrudgingly at 6:00 for Zero Hour class: Advanced Placement Government.

  • Untitled

    We pull out of the driveway of my grandparents’ house as I unwrap a Kit-Kat nearly melted from waiting so long for the goodbyes. No opening our candy until we pulled out of the driveway.

  • Naked As They Come

    I don’t like to be naked. It’s not that I’m ashamed of my body. In fact, I think I look better naked than in clothes. But my tendency toward prudishness might rival Queen Victoria.

  • Painter, Painter

    Zero, the stray cat living on the porch, witnessed all of our arguments the third summer we lived in the old house by the gravel pit. Not one neighbor could be seen from our rented home so you could paint unbothered.

  • The Roller Rink

    She trotted down the railroad ties, adjusting her stride so she could skip one and land on the next. The rails slithered ahead of her in the bright moonlight, a pair of silver snakes. Her younger cousin Louie, who she pressed into going along with her or she would not have been allowed to go at all, wheezed and snuffled behind her whining at her to slow down.

  • 2011 Judges

    Ron Kuka, Faculty Associate and Creative Writing Program Coordinator at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, judged the fiction category for this year’s Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Expose.

  • Thoughts on the Process – The Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Expose

    The Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Exposé and Photography Jubilee celebrates the creative process – each photograph, each poem, and each story represents time, patience, and skill from a budding or seasoned artist.

  • 2011 Prizes

    The Peninsula Pulse would like to thank the generous businesses and individuals that donated prizes to this year's Hal Grutzmacher’s Writers’ Exposé and Photography Jubilee.

  • A Dangerous Business

    Cliché would have us believe that writers, poets, and photographers rest on public park benches with a cup of coffee while recording musings or snapping photos of the horizon.

  • Honoring Harold (Hal) Grutzmacher

    Writing about the Chicago Cubs and studying the Romantic poets: Harold (Hal) Grutzmacher’s literary passions. The diverse personality of the man, the reader, the writer, the poet, the columnist, the critic, the editor, the teacher, and the bookstore owner this issue honors is reflected in the varied creative works throughout the following pages.

  • Battle for Red Putter’s Red Jacket Resumes

    The fierce battle for the Red Putter Pro Tournament championship resumes Saturday.

  • Northern Door Volleyball League Results and Schedule

    Nothing changed at the top of the standings, as Husby’s, Nicolet and Gray-Aire continued to roll. Meanwhile the Peninsula Pub was able to take two from Blue Horse, spurred on by the silence that allowed them to communicate on the court.