Kewaunee Gets New Mural In May

This May, an homage to Kewaunee’s fishing heritage and maritime culture will be painted on the north-facing wall of Bob’s Auto Parts, 511 Milwaukee St., at the intersection of Highways 42 and 29.

Kewaunee High School art teacher Erin LaBonte and Don Krumpos, both artists from Algoma studio Yonder, are leading the project.  Advanced art students from LaBonte’s high-school classroom created concepts for the mural, which were presented to Bob’s Auto owner Rob Schleis.

The design that he selected, and that the art students refined, is of a father and son walking down a pier with fishing rods, with an old Chevrolet nearby (Bob’s Auto was previously a Chevy showroom.)

The students who will paint the mural are Alex Syzdel, Maxx Suchocki, Nic Husnik, Cody Siewert, Tessa Alvarado, Jasmin Perez-Eisner, Ava Trevor, Damien Appel and Cherry Neveau.