Letter to the Editor: Dismantling and Disposition of Our Historical Granary

Will the pieces of the granary be sold to the highest bidder? And will the pieces be sold separately or will priority be given to keeping the granary whole? So that it can be reassembled and retain as much of its historical value as possible? My personal feeling is that our city fathers (staff and committees) need to work toward keeping all the pieces together. The fact that it will be dismantled and moved from its original location already devalues the structure historically. I liken this to a family of children under adoption. It is paramount that they not be separated from their siblings. I advise that the Wisconsin Historical Society be contacted for recommendations on qualified appraisers prior to razing. I’d also like to remind you they are still waiting to hear from you.

Will the City and Fire Chief allow someone qualified and knowledgeable of the inner equipment, mechanisms and such, i.e. the grain dryer, to document and appraise these parts prior to the dismantling? If not, is there currently a documented list somewhere of these items? This is necessary so that when these items are sold, the city and potential buyers are aware of their monetary and historical value.

Chesla Seely-Anschutz

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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