Letter to the Editor: Beautiful Weather, Wonderful Volunteers

Every year in October the Friends of Potawatomi State Park holds a race known as Run Wild. I especially wish to thank the committee who worked all year to make this succeed: Pat Saladin, Carol Mulinix and Tina Stawicki, who were instrumental in making this year’s race one of the most successful ever. In addition there were many, many volunteers who helped in all kinds of ways. There were more than 500 participants in the race, making it one of the most popular years for the event. To top all this, the weather was exceptionally great for race day…beautiful sunshine, 60 degrees, and no wind. Participants got to run through a colorful landscape that is characteristic of autumn in Potawatomi Park.

A simple thank you is not sufficient for the great work done by this committee and all the volunteers who help them. We are fortunate to have friends who love the park and are willing to volunteer.

Lee Grota, president, Friends of Potawatomi State Park

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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