Ritchey and Bueschel Featured at Gallery of the Door County Art League

Watercolor painting by David Bueschel.

For the week of July 12, fractal energy painter Gale Ritchey and watercolorist David Bueschel will be featured at the Gallery of the Door County Art League, located in the Top of the Hill Shops, Highway 42 and County F on Spring Road in Fish Creek.

Working primarily in watercolor, Bueschel uses standard conventional watercolors and paper and works from photographs he takes of the Door County region. Bueschel says, “Door County offers a myriad of possibilities for any artistic expression.”

Bueschel, who has been painting less than five years, considers himself a student who is learning all the time. He enjoys working with watercolors because of the range of colors and lights and darks and appreciates the pure entertainment value of watching paints interact with adjacent regions of applied paint.

When asked about his greatest influences, Bueschel said every painter he has ever seen has had an impact on his work but declares, “However, I do find myself staring at anything Charles Peterson paints for an inordinate amount of time.”

Ritchey, who has been working in her medium of fractal energy painting most of her life, meets with a client to get the psychic sensory fractal pattern initiated. After that, the process is attuning to the form. When the fractal is ready to transcend onto canvas, the intense psychic sensory work begins. Ritchey’s special materials are a proprietary blend of elixirs and sacred geometric patterns, along with special acrylic paints.

Master Chinese healers have stated how unique this form of healing energy work is, and Ritchey, who is one of those rare few ever to master this work, began selling her paintings in 1989.

Ritchey says, “I like working in this medium because it brings together my life lessons to walk my own healing path and in that walk open ways for others to walk in greater support within their own healing path lessons in life.”

The Door County Art League is comprised of members who are painters, sculptors, jewelers, potters, photographers, woodworkers, fabric artists, and more. All types of original art produced by about 40 league members are on display and available for sale at gallery located in the Top of the Hill Shops, Highway 42 and County F on Spring Road in Fish Creek. Business hours are 10 am – 5 pm daily, and a reception is planned for the fourth Saturday of each month, 3 – 5 pm. For more information visit or call 920.559.7530 or 920.868.2288.