Rosata the Robin Sets Up Nest at A Peninsula Park-View

Submitted by Carole and Ron Vande Walle of A Peninsula Park-View Resort


Three recent check-ins at A Peninsula Park-View Resort have set up a maternity ward of sorts while the cleaning and decorating of the rooms, suites and cottages is completed.

A longtime repeat guest, Rosata Tizapa (named by six-year-old Sebastian) is a robin that refuses to leave and comes back year-after-year to build her nest under the rafters across from room 11.

After the painter took down what he thought was her old nest and scraped the paint to finish painting, Rosata, a persistent and determined robin, rebuilt the nest. While building, she watched the remodel. Room 11 has now closed to allow her to have a little peace and quiet. The painter will wait until the fledglings are out of the nest to finish painting.

Roy Lukes wrote about robins in the new issue of Door County Living magazine. He wrote, “Beware of the day here in our county when robins will become rare, for they are good gauges of a pleasant, healthy environment for humans to live in.”

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