Schultz, Anschutz, and Skrivanie-LeClair Battle for Baileys

Barbara L. Anschutz

Barbara Anschutz

Age: 54

Education: Senn High School, Chicago

Occupation: Office Manager, Anschutz Plumbing & Heating for 24 years

Community Involvement: Three terms on Baileys Harbor Board of Supervisors; Baileys Harbor Community Association 1996 – present; Coordinator of Baileys Harbor July 4th Parade for 10 years; Former Cub Scout Leader

What skills and perspective do you bring to the board? My perspective lends itself more toward the aesthetic values of Baileys Harbor. I’ve been working closely with the Baileys Harbor Community Association, the Parks Committee, and our Maintenance Department to maintain the natural beauty of Baileys Harbor while improving on its “garden-like” appeal. I enjoy nature and gardening so this is a natural path for me. As office manager I wear many hats and this experience assists me in my ability to make conscientious decisions regarding finances, development, and the general welfare of Baileys Harbor.

What priorities should the town address? The Town Board’s main priority is to continue working with our planning committee in implementing our smart growth plan.

Robert (Bob) Schultz

Age: 51

Education: Gibraltar High School, 1975

Occupation: 18 years with the Door County Highway Dept.

Community Involvement: Baileys Harbor Town Supervisor, 1992 – present; Baileys Harbor Lions Club (16 years, 2-term president); 15 years Baileys Harbor Fire Dept.; Baileys Harbor First Responder; Immanuel Lutheran Church Council; Baileys Harbor A’s baseball player and assistant

What perspective and skills do you bring to the board? I am a lifelong resident of Baileys Harbor and am committed to the well-being of the town and its residents. I would like to continue this commitment I made 16 years ago. As shown in the items above, I have dedicated most of my adult life to making sure Baileys Harbor remains a town its residents can be proud of.

We are always dealing with problems of increasing taxes, the high cost of maintaining our infrastructure, and managing the growth of the town and country in an intelligent manner.

Voters should re-elect me because of my contributions to the board’s successes in our efforts to keep the tax levy at zero or minimal growth. Over the last five years we have kept the average levy growth under two percent. Unfortunately, the taxing bodies not in our control have not been as prudent. It’s important to me to keep our taxes low as it is increasingly difficult for people to make ends meet. I also have a great deal of experience, both through work and board experience, in planning and implementing the maintenance of our town roads, the single largest item in our annual budget. As chairman of the roads committee for 15 years, I have been able to improve and repair our roads in a timely manner while staying within budget. I was also very involved in the improvements made to our Rec Park, including the creation of a new soccer field and the installation of lights at the baseball field to accommodate more youth-league baseball games.

What priorities need to be addressed by the board? Over the next several years, we have many infrastructure improvement projects planned, including storm sewer replacement, sanitary sewer extensions, a sewage treatment plant expansion, and several road improvement projects, including Hwy 57 renovations in our downtown area. My experiences in these types of projects make me a good candidate for re-election.

Bryn Skrivanie-LeClair

Age: 38

Education: Washington High School, Two Rivers; UW–Madison, Social Welfare and Sociology

Occupation: Previously employed with Residential Care for the Developmentally Disabled; was county coordinator for Door and Kewaunee overseeing community-based residential facilities and apartment living for people who have special needs. Currently assists with husband’s business.

Community involvement: Served as foster home for adults with physical and mental needs for six years; five years on Peninsula Preschool board; Immanuel Lutheran Church Long Range Planning Committee