Weekend ReCAP


1_ A decadent meal and hearty glass of wine: best way to welcome friends and family to the County of Door.

My sister Holly made the trek from big city Minneapolis and our family friend, Paul, made the trek from big city Toronto to enjoy a weekend of catching up while gallivanting throughout the peninsula. We savored a tasty meal at Mission Grille as we swapped stories and reminisced on old times.


(Note: sometimes Canadians get really excited about visiting Door County and make a mess on clean linen table cloths. I’m not sure if they use forks over there.)

2_ We took our catching up from Sister Bay to Fish Creek, ordering a second, or third, glass of wine at The Cookery Wine Bar. Katie Dahl and Rich Higdon performed sweet sounding melodies – paired perfectly with our slices of Tollhouse Pie.

3_ Coffee is a necessity to start out a fun-filled day with friends and family – we popped in Leroy’s for a cup of Joe and amped up our brains and bodies.


4_ A jaunt across the street led us to Ephraim Clayworks, featuring an array of beautiful, functional ceramic pieces by Brian Fitzgerald and others. Fitzgerald’s apprentice, Bonnie Seaquist, showed us around the shop, discussed a few of the pieces, and bagged our purchases with care.

5_ A beautiful day makes for a beautiful walk – we headed down to Cave Point County Park to climb the rocks – the same rocks that reach all the way to Paul’s hometown of Niagara Falls. “This looks so much like home,” he commented.


6_ American Folklore Theatre entertained we three weary Door County wanderers. Victory Farm combined tasteful comedy and cherry-picking history with a hint of drama and romance, delightfully intertwined with original, catchy music.

7_ Heading back north, the brilliant, classic Door County sunset caught our eyes. We pulled into Ephraim Public Beach, where a family was lighting a fire lantern, which gracefully rose to sky, higher and higher and higher.


8_ Before exchanging goodbyes, we reconvened for one last gathering…over plates of eggs benedict, steaming cups of hazelnut coffee, around a half order of Cherry Stuffed French Toast at the White Gull Inn in Fish Creek.

Whew, what a weekend!