Category: Perspectives

  • Under the Hood – You and Your Car

    If your car battery is dead or even weak, you’re not going anywhere. It is the leading cause of starting trouble, whether because of lights left on, a charging system problem or other cause.

  • Web Tips

    Our previous two Web Tips columns discussed how search engines (a.k.a. Google, Yahoo) work. A potential website visitor enters a word or phrase into the search engine’s search box and the results are matched against a database.

  • Green Builders and Political Sway

    During the second week of November the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) held their 16th annual convention in Chicago – and over 22,000 people showed up.

  • Buy Door County, Be Door County

    I am a local shopper. At least, I try to be whenever possible. This certainly wasn’t the case a few years ago, when I believed that typing my credit card number over and over into little boxes in online shopping forms was a lot more satisfying than a jaunt to any store on the peninsula.

  • Paper and Ink

    It’s not the normal image that comes to mind when one reminisces about their childhood, but for me, ever-present in many of my most dominant childhood memories is the newspaper.

  • Getting Sober About Making Merry

    As the holiday season approaches amid daily increasing darkness, many factors can contribute to intentional or unintended overuse of alcohol. Wisconsin statistics are pretty scary; they range from dangerous binge drinking on our campuses (60 percent of 18 – 25 year old males) and daily local DUI listings to fatalities on local and nearby highways.

  • A Column from the Door County Environmental Council

    Studies have shown that water-softener brine regeneration wastes not only harm the natural decomposition processes occurring in a wastewater treatment system, they can also cause the septic tank itself to discharge a greater concentration of solids, grease, and oil into the dispersal field.

  • An Outlook

    [NOTE: With the holiday shopping season upon us, it’s time for me to remind you of one of my personal crusades. So this issue, I re-present (with a few updates and alterations) a column that is near and dear to my heart.

  • An Ode to Fall Fest: Sister Bay’s Homecoming

    This column originally appeared in the Oct. 14, 2005 edition of the Peninsula Pulse.

    It’s the one weekend of the year when Door County utterly betrays the sedate, relaxed image it has worked

  • Wet Exit

    Last summer the brains behind this paper asked me to write a column (partially due to the fact that they wouldn’t have to pay me anything – just kidding, guys).

  • Jumpin’ Juniper

    Juniper bushes, we see them everywhere. These prickly, low-lying bushes are prolific throughout the peninsula. Juniper bushes (juniperus communis) are natives here, unlike most of us (no matter how long we have lived here).

  • Howdy

    The very first introduction to the Peninsula Pulse.

  • Subway Evangelism

    Don Jones explores the realms of his pseudo intellect.

  • Featured Band of the Week…

    After soaking up the sun in Door County for the day, remember the evening can be just as enjoyable.

    As your quest for the perfect evening continues, why not search out some dancing music to help work off some of that fish boil and cheese curds.

  • Greener Side

    “Fuzzy” Hanaway reviews the Door’s pesticide-ridden golf course.