Area: Door County

  • Sister Bay To Review Waterfront Park Master Plan: Marina to pay for Johnson property

    The Village of Sister Bay has asked the Plan Commission to review changes to the master plan for Waterfront Park.

  • Amanda DeWitt: Cottage Jeweler in Ephraim

    “I sort of fell into it,” Amanda DeWitt said. “I am very artistic, but I never knew you could do something that you like to do to make a living!” In 1969 during her junior year DeWitt quit college and moved from Champaign (Illinois) to Door County with her then husband, jewelry-maker Tom DeWitt.

  • Coming Back to the Pack

    This week I bought my nephew an Aaron Rodgers jersey. It was probably one of roughly 100,000 Aaron Rodgers jerseys sold this week. Nothing special.

    But for me, it was a step back. A first foray in mending

  • State Parks Face Challenges as 3 High-ranking Employees Retire

    As 2010 drew to a close, the long careers of three high-ranking state park employees did as well. Rick Ostrowski, park manager at Whitefish Dunes State Park, Gene Tiser, interim superintendent at Peninsula

  • 2010 Reflections: An American Table

    It struck me as I was sitting at the old, heavy metal kitchen table that was tucked against the wallpaper of Norman and Lenore Carroll’s modest Sister Bay home.

  • How A Small Town Shovels Out

    Two days later, the hangover from our first winter storm is still being felt, with school canceled at Gibraltar, Sevastopol, and Southern Door, and delayed in Sturgeon Bay. When the blizzard arrived Saturday

  • Flavor Profile

    You know you’re dealing with a true food service professional when, during a casual conversation about favorite restaurants, the phrase “flavor profile” escapes their lips while describing a recent meal. It’s not the kind of thing a casual or even regular diner would say, but it is exactly the type of conversation you hear when […]

  • Welcome to Grilling Season!

    Watching meat sizzle on the grill can be a unique joy for a cook… grilling tool in one hand and beer in the other. So why relegate the grill to the summer months? Don’t put your grill into hibernation when the weather turns chilly. Instead, fire it up and let winter know that it can’t […]

  • Owls

    Few birds have received more admiration throughout history than those priceless wonders designed for darkness, the owls. Look around you and chances are good that an owl peers down at you in some form of art, or perhaps as a toy or a piece of jewelry. One of the several highly-admired owls in our home […]

  • The Signs of the Landscape

    Handcrafted wood signs are part of the charm of the Door County landscape. Other communities may be happy with machine-produced items of metal or plastic, but many in this land of black-and-white cows, apple and cherry orchards, cozy restaurants and unique little shops prefer to announce their wares and identify their homes with signs that […]

  • Where Fine Art and Craft Meet

    On a slow, dreary winter day there’s nothing better than a destination daytrip to beat the blues. Eclipse Gallery, Algoma’s newest art hotspot, is just the place to visit. Opened in August of 2009, the gallery is housed in a spacious storefront on Algoma’s main drag. Sarah Hemm and her husband Brandon rehabbed the 100-year-old […]

  • A Nest for the Music Scene

    Before I even begin, I’d like to clear something up about Sturgeon Bay’s Holiday Music Motel:  it’s not a music-themed hotel like one would find in Las Vegas or Nashville or Branson, Missouri. There’s no life-sized neon guitar at the helm of the building, no vintage rock ‘n’ roll costumes for viewing in the lobby, […]

  • Early Trade on the Peninsula

    Nearly 200 years before Increase Claflin found his way to Little Sturgeon Bay and Asa Thorp built his sturdy cabin upon the shores of Fish Creek harbor, there were a group of men who visited the rocky shores of the Door Peninsula. Some were explorers bent on finding passage to the Orient and beyond, others […]

  • The Bowling Season

    It’s an undeniable fact:  Door County winters are long, quiet, and cold. Most locals start to get busy in the spring, preparing for the summer tourist onslaught, then calm down a bit in the fall before settling in for a long winter. For some people in Door County, however, autumn leaves herald one of the […]

  • From Humble Beginnings: Door County Emergency Services

    “You either love it or you don’t and you don’t do it unless you love it.” – Aaron LeClair, Paramedic The Door County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) of today is a stark contrast to its beginnings in the 1950s when sheriff’s deputies patrolled in station wagons armed with a first aid kit, oxygen and a […]

  • Takin’ the Plunge

    January 1, 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Jacksonport Polar Bear Club Plunge – an event in which hundreds of daredevils celebrate New Year’s Day by charging into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan at high noon. Founder J.R. Jarosh reflects here on the evolution and highlights of this (truly) mind-numbing spectacle. To learn […]

  • Living in Door Launches Kimberly Sawyer, Miss Wisconsin

    The Illinois woman stood on the Baileys Harbor dock questioning me about living in Door County. “What are the schools like?” I explained that with so few students in the school, our children competed in three sports, sang in the school musical, organized prom, and served as class officers. The young mother’s face showed concern […]

  • Winter on Washington Island

    Join me, if you will, on a winter’s day on Washington Island. It happens to be a Tuesday morning in mid-January. It is early, barely daylight, and the town’s plow just made its first pass on Main Road. Snow wasn’t heavy last night, only three or four inches, but the island plows will clear the […]

  • Ephraim’s Go-To Girl

    Finally, you arrive in Door County. Map and guidebook in hand, you scan lists and advertisements for a plethora of restaurants, shops, galleries, wineries, taverns, parks, orchards, and more. You wonder where to rent a kayak. You wonder where to find live music. You wonder where you can buy a can opener. You realize this […]

  • Even a Big Boat’s Small: Palmer Johnson Craftsman Rusty Lardinois

    Down on Shiloh Road, a few miles outside the city of Sturgeon Bay, there sits an old barn. Non-descript and a bit worse for wear, it’s built snug into a slope behind an old farmhouse, and nothing of its exterior hints that inside is the home workshop of one of the finest carpenters Door County […]