Steve Grutzmacher

Columnist, Sales Manager

Steve Grutzmacher has been penning his musings for 20 years in his column An Outlook. He started it long before he took a job as an advertising representative at the Peninsula Pulse in 2005, after leaving a job at the Door Reminder.

Steve’s got his ears tuned to northern Door County news, but doesn’t let that stop him from writing whatever he likes. He covers some more serious topics like county sales tax figures, but has been known to write some lighthearted pieces too, like his column on Star Trek.

“People always seem to remember the tongue-in-cheek or the funny stuff I write more than anything else,” Steve said.

While writing is sometimes an arduous, job, it’s not a thankless one. Steve’s readers sometimes stop into his family-owned bookstore Passtimes in Sister Bay to chat about what they liked, or disliked, about his weekly column. Even if they disagree with his Outlook, they’re usually up for a friendly discussion.

Steve can be found behind the desk at his bookstore, talking to business owners about advertising in the Pulse or Door County Living, submitting his latest column a second before deadline or cracking open the latest bestseller.

Steve’s favorite drink: Sprecher’s root beer, on tap

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