Door County Living Autumn 2018 – Volume 16 Issue 3

In this issue

  • Autumn eye candy and ancient shorelines on the Sugar Bush Trail

    Autumn in Door County is a magical time of year. The combination of kaleidoscoping color in the still-lush foliage, the reprieve of cooling air and the still-sunny evenings make for a season of welcomed change and happy reflection.  During this transitional time, I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible – hiking, biking […]

  • 100 Years of Gibraltar School

    Gibraltar High School is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. But like most high schools that, in the beginning, served communities that were primarily rural, Gibraltar didn’t just spring into life with no backstory. Its existence was preceded by 70 years of little independent schools that dotted the countryside. In northern Door County, the earliest […]

  • Vampire of the Sea: Without sea lamprey controls, the Great Lakes would not be so great

    “Lampreys in such vast numbers that the water literally teemed with them invaded Green Bay early this fall bringing fishing operations practically to a standstill. All important commercial species were attacked, and so great was the destruction that dead and dying fish littered the surface of the water. Fishermen of northern Green Bay, discouraged by […]

  • A Door to the Spirits: Spiritualism has a long history on the peninsula

    It was as if an occult hand opened a Spiritualist portal to Door County on June 22, 1885. That was the day of a religious showdown — it was called a “religious war” by one newspaper of the time — between a Catholic priest and a former saloonkeeper-turned-Spiritualist that resulted in the birth of a […]

  • Haunted Door

    You can feel it driving around on the dark, country backroads at night or right after turning off the light for bed before your eyes adjust. It’s heavy. It makes your skin tingle. Maybe you freeze; maybe you start to sweat. Either way, you know something’s there, watching you. And it’s the fact that you […]

  • Home on the Range (Light)

    For the past 150 years, the Baileys Harbor Range Lights have signaled home to the peninsula’s mariners. But only a select few people have been able to call the upper Range Light their own home during the early years of the beacon’s history. “They had a pretty good life compared to other people living on […]

  • Door to Nature: Autumn’s Fruits and Berries

    The fall colors of deciduous trees attract the attention of many people. Some years the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows, of sugar maples especially, are spectacular when mixed with the remaining green leaves or the greens of nearby conifers. A few environmentally stressed trees can start changing color by Labor Day, but the peak of […]

  • A Most Amazing Social Worker: Thirty-five year career comes to a close for Cindy Zellner-Ehlers

    The day after Cindy Zellner-Ehlers gave notice of her impending retirement, a multitude of memories from her 35-year career as a social worker in Door County surfaced vividly in her mind. “It was this surreal kind of experience, a flooding of memories and things that happened in my career,” she said. “Thirty-five years, my goodness, […]

  • Scaring Up A Haunting Time: Community pulls together to create Southern Door Haunted Mansion

    Most of us have heard of Christmas in July, but for the organizers of the Southern Door Haunted Mansion, it’s all about Halloween in March. That’s when a group of dedicated volunteers starts the process of getting its spook on by planning for the Southern Door Haunted Mansion, which has the distinction of being voted […]

  • Marching Orders: Madalyn Gray plays on with UW marching band

    In sixth grade, Madalyn Gray’s mother gave her the option to join the school choir or learn to play her brother’s trumpet. She chose the latter, though her band teacher suggested she switch instruments because he didn’t think she’d be a good player. Now she’s playing in the marching band at the University of Wisconsin […]

  • Growing Out of the Clay: Bren Sibilsky

    Bren Sibilsky wonders what her neighbors thought during those seven quiet years she created a body of work:  her own work, not commissioned or contracted, just hers. Those seven years began quietly. She quit a successful commercial art business, hunkered down and read and read and read some more: Greek mythology, biblical stories, Native American […]

  • Editor’s Note: A Spirited Issue

    I have a confession to make: I have had a lifelong interest in the supernatural. From an early age I wondered whether there is more than the corporeal world around us. Can some people commune with spirits? Do spirits exist? I have no answers, but I do know there is something beyond our ken.  The […]