Door County Living Autumn 2020 – Volume 18, Issue 3

In this issue

  • TOPSIDE: A Relaxing Ride aboard the Quo Vadis

    The Quo Vadis moves through the water with great dignity — unhurried, unfazed, unperturbed — and the heft of the boat’s sturdy, steel-framed construction makes for a smooth ride. Having carried passengers through the waters surrounding Fish Creek since its construction in 1962, it’s as if the boat has earned the right to such composure.  […]

  • Curiosities: What If Europe Bay Had Been Parceled Off?

    The picturesque shoreline of Europe Bay beach and dark skies of Newport State Park are cherished by those living on the remote northern tip of the peninsula, but the area was almost lost to private development during the 1970s.  The Hotz Gate on Europe Bay Road marks the spot where Ferdinand Hotz — once the […]

  • Curiosities: The Dollar Bills on Husby’s Ceiling

    There’s one question that Husby’s bartenders might get asked more often than what’s on tap, and that’s this: “What’s with the dollar bills on the ceiling?” The answer isn’t free. Patrons have to cough up a dollar if they want to get the goods, and the quest usually involves a few failed attempts at getting […]

  • Towers Rising: Maritime Tower, Eagle Tower Nearing Completion

    Much has been made of the loss of Eagle Tower and potentially Potawatomi Tower, but two new towers are rising toward completion in Door County.  At Peninsula State Park, progress on the new Eagle Tower continues, with hopes for completion by the end of the year. The new tower will be shorter than the original, […]

  • In Your Glass: The French (Quarter) Connection

    New Orleans and Sister Bay both celebrate with the Hurricane What do the French Quarter in New Orleans and Fall Fest in Sister Bay have in common? There’s public imbibing for starters, but one specialty cocktail has also connected the two locations since 2005. Once a year, when the annual Fall Fest is held, you […]

  • Far-flung: Door County Alums Branch Out

    During the past year, the Peninsula Pulse and Door County Living — in collaboration with Alumni Door County — have profiled more than two dozen alumni of area high schools who have gone on to pursue challenging careers, lead fascinating lives and have plenty of adventures, both nearby and across the globe. Here’s a glimpse […]

  • The Fighter: Christie Weber goes to the mat for historical icons

    It’s June 24, 2019, and the fog hangs thick over Sturgeon Bay as the Teweles and Brandeis grain elevator inches forward on its journey west across the Oregon Street Bridge. On the other side, waiting to greet the 119-year-old, 70-foot behemoth, is Christie Weber.  “Isn’t it beautiful?” she says in a tone that most people […]

  • On Your Plate: Eat Your Trees

    Broccoli and cauliflower: the super-powered vegetables I consider broccoli and cauliflower — members of the Brassica (or cruciferous) family — to be vegetables that people seem to really love or really hate. There’s not much middle ground. “You’ve got to eat your trees” is a stern but endearing reminder that I remember hearing from a […]

  • In a Festless Fall, Colors Take Center Stage

    There will be no century rides, no harvest fests, no Pumpkin Patch in Egg Harbor and — for the first time in 75 years — no Fall Festival in Sister Bay. But the best autumn show in Door County will continue its uninterrupted run: The fall color season will go on.  Although we can’t tell […]

  • Hike This: Bay Shore Blufflands

    Bay Shore Blufflands, a Door County Land Trust property just north of Sturgeon Bay, provides a varied landscape with enough miles of trail that you can spend a leisurely hour or so enjoying the great outdoors.  The trail’s bluff section is steep, so be prepared to feel as though you’re on a stair-stepper for a […]

  • Dave Turner and the Art of Woodturning

    Artist Dave Turner has enjoyed working with wood his entire life, but he wasn’t turned on to woodturning until he was 55 and picked up a lathe.  “I had been warned that woodturning can be addictive — and it has been for me,” said the Evansville, Wisconsin, resident, who has works on display through Oct. […]

  • Publisher’s Note: Autumn’s Stories

    In a world where so many of our daily lives have been turned upside down, nature’s routine goes on uninterrupted.  The temperature drops with every passing day; bright-blue skies get a little grayer; needles fall from the tamaracks; and leaves turn from green, to light greens, to yellows, reds and oranges. Our little county, stretched […]

  • Making Masks With Peter Ciesla

    Art comes to the newest of everyday wearables When COVID-19 threw a curveball at the world earlier this year, there were people who watched the trajectory and followed it to places they may never have imagined they would go. So it was with Peter Ciesla. He’s a textile/fiber artist and a designer of one-of-a-kind clothing. […]

  • Door to Nature: The Mystery of Migration

    The total story of migration is complicated, fascinating and frequently quite unbelievable, and it includes many mysteries that scientists and students of ornithology are continually researching. Perhaps a third of all species migrate, amounting to tens of billions of birds. Why would a bird that has spent the winter in the vicinity of the equator […]