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  • Door County Writes: ‘Winter, 2014’

    by Lee LeVoy Sun beckons   brilliant in blue skytiny crystals sparkle on a snow-covered meadowwind is still You offer to drive mecarry my skisto the entranceof Europe Bay trail  You walk haltingly along the edgelegs unsteadywhile I glide easilyon a freshly groomed trail I speed ahead  stopping to look backunable to see youbeyond the bend I […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Ann Heyse

    compiled by the Door County Poets Collective When Ann Heyse moved to Baileys Harbor in 2015, it took only a few weeks before she found herself in a weeklong poetry workshop at Bjӧrklunden. In fewer than six months, she had joined a book club of committed readers, a poetry critique group and the board of […]

  • Hal Prize Announces Photography Judges

    The Hal Prize organizers are excited to welcome back Coburn Dukehart as a 2021 photography judge, but this year, her father, Tad Dukehart, will join her to create a father-daughter judging team. Coburn has spent almost 20 years pursuing the craft of photojournalism and multimedia storytelling. She’s the digital and multimedia director for the Wisconsin […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Making Caramels’

    Poetry by Amy Phimister My sister and I are mixing mom’s caramels soft dreamy jewels.We smell the syrup like burnt marshmallows,stick our fingers in that milk lick them clean like we did as childrenso sweet and tender in the mouththe past floats in like a dream. It wasn’t even the caramels.The caramels didn’t matter.It was the making.To coat thoughts of […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘One of Those Days’

    Poetry by Don Fraker How long before we forget This day’s momentsUn-momentous momentsLike most But onesFor their lack of lasting memorability No less preciousComponents of lifeLife being lived on a quiet dayA dayLike most Watching a chipmunk assiduously vacuuming upAll the seeds we scattered on the deckFor its nourishment and our entertainment Getting caught in a sudden […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Progeny’

    Poetry by Cynthia Todd Quam My bow is lost; my quiver is empty;My arrows are loosedto steel town and mountain,to far away Asian peninsula,to cul-de-sac suburbia,the arc of their leaving imprintedon the notches in my fingertips,in the parcel of colored feathers I savedbut never did let fly. Cynthia Todd Quam holds an MFA in poetry […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Dolphins’

    Youth poetry by Elizabeth Shepit, Grade 5, Gibraltar Area Schools Splashing in the tall wavesSleeping in the soft seaBy day their spirits soar highVery high into the sky,It’s as if they were flying in the water.Enclosed in their aquarium In which they liveFlying, flying! As if they were free,Their spirits soar in the waterFor the whole world […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘I became distracted’

    by Jocelyn Swanbeck Winkel I was going to write a poem todaybut I was distracted byshadows lengthening on the lawnmurmuring summer is slipping byI have no yardstick by which to measure days andtime slips away like ripples on the waterI have no child to rescue in midstream before waves carry him awayI am at the […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Lemon Drops’

    by Cindy Crebbin Elegant glass pitcher holds coldwater as sugar siftsdownward and is stirred.Deep yellow lemon,like the color of forsythia,sliced into thin pieces, rind and translucent fruit:spokes of wheels in sunlight,gleam as jewels.A work of art — homemade lemonade.  I sit and gaze at the transparent pitcher as I slowly sipthe taste of cool lemon drops. Cindy […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Alessandra Simmons

    Compiled by the Door County Poets Collective Originally from Los Angeles, Alessandra Simmons moved to the Midwest to pursue an MFA in creative writing at Indiana University. After graduating, she married Russell Rolffs and moved north to Chicago. Later, she continued her trek north to study at UW-Milwaukee, earning a PhD in English/creative writing while […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Nearing Solstice 2020’

    Poetry by Sharon Auberle for James and Jonah twin boys arrived in the world todayconceived and born in this terrible yearwhat joys and sorrows I wonderwill their days hold in these timesof plague    burning    war yet at sunset tonight under brooding skiesthere appeared at the last momenta few ribbons of gentle rosesomething like […]

  • ‘Wisconsin People & Ideas’ Opens Writing Contest

    Participate in Wisconsin’s largest and longest-running writing contests, hosted by Wisconsin People & Ideas, the quarterly magazine of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters.  Contest winners in both the fiction and poetry categories will receive awards of $500 to $100, publication in Wisconsin People & Ideas and a reading at the Wisconsin Book […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Karen Wilson

    Compiled by the Door County Poets Collective Karen Wilson is a lifelong Wisconsinite who grew up in Sheboygan and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She’s lived in Door County for 43 years, witnessing many changes – but nothing could be like the change since 1881, when her great-grandparents were original settlers here, building a […]

  • Thomas Davis Releases New Book

    Thirty years ago, tribal college educator and poet Thomas Davis of Sturgeon Bay began writing poems about the tribal college movement. He started with the College of Menominee Nation, which he helped to found in northern Wisconsin.  Davis had no intention of developing a book out of the poems – mostly free-verse poetry that chronicled the […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Peter Sherrill

    compiled by the DOOR COUNTY POETS COLLECTIVE Peter Sherrill has lived in Door County since the late eighties. He’s published work in a variety of state and national journals and earned honors that include the Wisconsin Regional Writers’ Jade Ring for Poetry and the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets’ Muse Prize for Excellence in Poetry. Sherrill […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Charlotte Johnston

    compiled by the DOOR COUNTY POETS COLLECTIVE Charlotte Johnston was only 10 when she spent a week at Eagle Bluff Lighthouse with her grandparents. Since that first visit, Door County has remained her constant while she and her husband, Richard, have divided their time between Madison and Ephraim. Johnston grew up on a farm in […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Rolf Olson

    compiled by the DOOR COUNTY POETS COLLECTIVE This month’s featured poet is Rolf Olson. After graduating from Colorado College with a degree in philosophy, he apprenticed with a builder of classic wooden boats, then spent 25 years as a craftsperson in wood and metal and as a builder of boats, houses and furniture. Olson was […]

  • Submit Writing to the Peninsula Pulse Literature Page

    Do you have a story, essay, poem or other creative piece of writing you would like to share in print?  Writers of all ages and experience levels with an affinity for the Door Peninsula are invited to submit original short stories, essays, poetry, fiction or literary nonfiction, including memoir, for consideration to be included on […]

  • Celebrating the Literature of Pride

    Book recommendations by queer authors An important part of Pride Month – and of continued support of the LGBTQIA+ community throughout the year – is sharing the stories and voices of those in the community. Whether you’re a fan of fiction, nonfiction or poetry, you should find something to savor from this list of stories […]

  • Door Poetry: Tom Toerpe

    Tom Toerpe compiled by the DOOR COUNTY POETS COLLECTIVE Tom Toerpe lives in Baileys Harbor, where he’s been a regular contributor to the public library’s annual Local Lines poetry display. His poems have appeared in a variety of publications, including the Peninsula Pulse, Wisconsin People and Ideas, Thema, Exquisite Corpse and Harp-Strings, as well as […]