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  • Door County Writes: Foodie Poetry

    Tomatoes on a Steamy Summer Day by Annette Langlois Grunseth  Cherub-cheeked Early Girls  dangle their lip-red lure cleave red bosoms around skirts of green leaves. Lanky San Mariano Romas hang out together in their red cliques, dangling their delicious fruit. A chorus line of Power Pops   sways and swells on the vine in symmetrical rows. […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Lee LeVoy

    Peninsula Poetry is a monthly column curated by the Door County Poets Collective, a 12-member working group that was formed to publish Soundings: Door County in Poetry in 2015 and continues to meet. Originally from Chicago, Lee LeVoy moved to Door County in 1999 with her husband, Hugh. Their dream of living on their 17 […]

  • Coming Up at Write On

    May 17, 1-3 pm Writing from the Field Poet Tracy Zeman leads a walk through the grounds of Write On, encouraging participants to find inspiration in natural and cultural history for their poetry or prose. The program is $30, with a 10% discount for Write On members. Scholarships are available. May 17, 7 pm Combat […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Donna Johnson

    Peninsula Poetry is a monthly column curated by the Door County Poets Collective, a 12-member working group that was formed to publish Soundings: Door County in Poetry in 2015 and continues to meet. Upon moving to Door County in 2012, Donna Johnson quickly took advantage of the abundant arts community. She often calls Door County […]

  • Poetry Review: ‘Sheltering with Poems’

    review by Albert DeGenova The pandemic is now in its second year and all of us are fatigued. Many of us want to put all the sheltering in place, social distancing, and mask wearing behind us. But we cannot. Many of us want to forget and move on. But we cannot. And because we cannot […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘The One Who Is Needed’

    Poetry by Sharon Auberle …you may be the one who is needed, the one who is there. Desmond Tutu maybe I am the one  who is needed now this autumn morning in our merciless year of 2020    for I am the one who is here placing tall sunflowers  in a vase by the window sharing […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘The Clearing’

    Poetry by Richard Peter The Clearing’s prismfans the flamesof thought rainbowsnever imagined. A kaleidoscope opensholding infinite shadesof fanciful pastelsand reality solids. Hues of dew anoint leaving the seekercentered in spiritgrounded in nature. Richard Peter has enjoyed creating poetic dreamscapes and committing emotion to poetry since 1960. His ties to Door County include yearly camping trips and […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Progeny’

    Poetry by Cynthia Todd Quam My bow is lost; my quiver is empty; My arrows are loosed to steel town and mountain, to far away Asian peninsula, to cul-de-sac suburbia, the arc of their leaving imprinted on the notches in my fingertips, in the parcel of colored feathers I saved but never did let fly. […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Poet Larry Eriksson has fun with language

    Larry J. Eriksson is a writer and poet who splits his time between Madison and Ellison Bay with his wife, Karen. He’s a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP) and has been a featured reader in the Dickinson Poetry Series at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County several times since the series […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Dropping In’

    by Canyon Burgard, Grade 8, Gibraltar Area Schools Top of the rampFeels so dampThe cloud did rainI will not complain Thoughts tanglingBoard danglingBreeze, suspenseI fall, I have defenseAt least I have common senseTo bring me back to my present tense If I fall I will be fineIf notPop my bloodline I feel like I should […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Winter, 2014’

    by Lee LeVoy Sun beckons   brilliant in blue skytiny crystals sparkle on a snow-covered meadowwind is still You offer to drive mecarry my skisto the entranceof Europe Bay trail  You walk haltingly along the edgelegs unsteadywhile I glide easilyon a freshly groomed trail I speed ahead  stopping to look backunable to see youbeyond the bend I […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Ann Heyse

    compiled by the Door County Poets Collective When Ann Heyse moved to Baileys Harbor in 2015, it took only a few weeks before she found herself in a weeklong poetry workshop at Bjӧrklunden. In fewer than six months, she had joined a book club of committed readers, a poetry critique group and the board of […]

  • Hal Prize Announces Photography Judges

    The Hal Prize organizers are excited to welcome back Coburn Dukehart as a 2021 photography judge, but this year, her father, Tad Dukehart, will join her to create a father-daughter judging team. Coburn has spent almost 20 years pursuing the craft of photojournalism and multimedia storytelling. She’s the digital and multimedia director for the Wisconsin […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Making Caramels’

    Poetry by Amy Phimister My sister and I are mixing mom’s caramels soft dreamy jewels.We smell the syrup like burnt marshmallows,stick our fingers in that milk lick them clean like we did as childrenso sweet and tender in the mouththe past floats in like a dream. It wasn’t even the caramels.The caramels didn’t matter.It was the making.To coat thoughts of […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘One of Those Days’

    Poetry by Don Fraker How long before we forget This day’s momentsUn-momentous momentsLike most But onesFor their lack of lasting memorability No less preciousComponents of lifeLife being lived on a quiet dayA dayLike most Watching a chipmunk assiduously vacuuming upAll the seeds we scattered on the deckFor its nourishment and our entertainment Getting caught in a sudden […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Progeny’

    Poetry by Cynthia Todd Quam My bow is lost; my quiver is empty;My arrows are loosedto steel town and mountain,to far away Asian peninsula,to cul-de-sac suburbia,the arc of their leaving imprintedon the notches in my fingertips,in the parcel of colored feathers I savedbut never did let fly. Cynthia Todd Quam holds an MFA in poetry […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Dolphins’

    Youth poetry by Elizabeth Shepit, Grade 5, Gibraltar Area Schools Splashing in the tall wavesSleeping in the soft seaBy day their spirits soar highVery high into the sky,It’s as if they were flying in the water.Enclosed in their aquarium In which they liveFlying, flying! As if they were free,Their spirits soar in the waterFor the whole world […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘I became distracted’

    by Jocelyn Swanbeck Winkel I was going to write a poem todaybut I was distracted byshadows lengthening on the lawnmurmuring summer is slipping byI have no yardstick by which to measure days andtime slips away like ripples on the waterI have no child to rescue in midstream before waves carry him awayI am at the […]

  • Door County Writes: ‘Lemon Drops’

    by Cindy Crebbin Elegant glass pitcher holds coldwater as sugar siftsdownward and is stirred.Deep yellow lemon,like the color of forsythia,sliced into thin pieces, rind and translucent fruit:spokes of wheels in sunlight,gleam as jewels.A work of art — homemade lemonade.  I sit and gaze at the transparent pitcher as I slowly sipthe taste of cool lemon drops. Cindy […]

  • Peninsula Poetry: Alessandra Simmons

    Compiled by the Door County Poets Collective Originally from Los Angeles, Alessandra Simmons moved to the Midwest to pursue an MFA in creative writing at Indiana University. After graduating, she married Russell Rolffs and moved north to Chicago. Later, she continued her trek north to study at UW-Milwaukee, earning a PhD in English/creative writing while […]