Getting outside in Door County is a must! While you can always explore a trail or lake shore on your own, the calendar is dotted with guided hikes, wildlife tours, bird watching treks, and cross-country skiing meetups. Find a group bicycle ride, a naturalist session, or paddleboard tour and explore Door County’s natural wonders.

  • Door County’s Peninsula State Park Hosts the Winter Queen

    The Winter Queen will be visiting the Peninsula State Park Nature Center on Tuesday, Dec. 28 to share snowy stories at 11 am. This program is free and open to the public, but a state vehicle sticker is required.

  • Get Smart About Your Socks

    Flip-flop season has come to a close, so it’s time to break out the warm socks. Though your average white sweat sock will most often do the trick, it’s certainly not stylish or fun.

  • A Simple, Natural Holiday Celebration at The Ridges of Door County

    Take a break from the chaos of the holiday season and spend a few hours surrounded by the natural beauty of The Ridges Sanctuary. The Ridges’ Natural Christmas event will be held on Saturday, Dec. 11.

  • Door County’s Whitefish Dunes Opens to Deer Hunters

    This year, for the first time, Whitefish Dunes State Park will be open to deer hunting during Wisconsin’s regular gun deer season, Nov. 20 – 28. The park will not be open to hunting during any other early or late-season deer hunts.

  • Welcome to Grilling Season!

    Watching meat sizzle on the grill can be a unique joy for a cook… grilling tool in one hand and beer in the other. So why relegate the grill to the summer months? Don’t put your grill into hibernation when the weather turns chilly. Instead, fire it up and let winter know that it can’t […]

  • Owls

    Few birds have received more admiration throughout history than those priceless wonders designed for darkness, the owls. Look around you and chances are good that an owl peers down at you in some form of art, or perhaps as a toy or a piece of jewelry. One of the several highly-admired owls in our home […]

  • The Bowling Season

    It’s an undeniable fact:  Door County winters are long, quiet, and cold. Most locals start to get busy in the spring, preparing for the summer tourist onslaught, then calm down a bit in the fall before settling in for a long winter. For some people in Door County, however, autumn leaves herald one of the […]

  • Takin’ the Plunge

    January 1, 2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Jacksonport Polar Bear Club Plunge – an event in which hundreds of daredevils celebrate New Year’s Day by charging into the frigid waters of Lake Michigan at high noon. Founder J.R. Jarosh reflects here on the evolution and highlights of this (truly) mind-numbing spectacle. To learn […]

  • Winter on Washington Island

    Join me, if you will, on a winter’s day on Washington Island. It happens to be a Tuesday morning in mid-January. It is early, barely daylight, and the town’s plow just made its first pass on Main Road. Snow wasn’t heavy last night, only three or four inches, but the island plows will clear the […]

  • Even a Big Boat’s Small: Palmer Johnson Craftsman Rusty Lardinois

    Down on Shiloh Road, a few miles outside the city of Sturgeon Bay, there sits an old barn. Non-descript and a bit worse for wear, it’s built snug into a slope behind an old farmhouse, and nothing of its exterior hints that inside is the home workshop of one of the finest carpenters Door County […]

  • 2012 Wisconsin State Park Stickers

    The 2012 Wisconsin State Park Sticker Design contest has begun. Entries for the contest are being accepted now through March 29, 2011. The winning design will be printed on state park and forest annual vehicle admission stickers and displayed on more than 150,000 vehicles.

  • At the Crossroads

    Crossroads at Big Creek will continue offering programming and educational opportunities throughout November. On Sunday, Nov. 14 the Crossroads will host a Nature Hike at 1 pm.

  • The Ridges of Bailey’s Harbor Presents “Survival” Program

    The pubic is welcome to learn about winter survival tips during “Survival,” a program hosted by The Ridges Sanctuary in Baileys Harbor. The program is Saturday, Nov.

  • Door County’s Whitefish Dunes State Park Opens to Hunters

    This year, for the first time, Whitefish Dunes State Park will be open to deer hunting during Wisconsin’s regular gun deer season, Nov. 20 – 28. The park will not be open to hunting during any other early or late-season deer hunts.

  • Blazing Good Times

    Cuddling up next to the fire is a great way to stay warm as the fall and winter cold creeps in, and there’s nothing better than a bonfire built in the backyard.

  • Trick-or-Treating Hours

    Whether they’re a peapod, ghost, witch, lion, princess, football player or disguised in another creative costume, bring your kids to a party or stop at homes with the porch lights on to spook friends and neighbors this Halloween.

  • 5 Essential Pieces of Gear to Stay Active When It’s Cold Outside

    1. Gloves: Whether walking, running, hiking or biking, as the weather turns colder you’ve got to keep those hands warm. For those of us who like to stay active, gloves need to have a snug fit and allow maximum finger movement.

  • Date Set for 45th Annual “Olde Ellison Bay Days”

    At its monthly membership meeting on October 14, the Ellison Bay Service Club confirmed dates for the 45th annual “Olde Ellison Bay Days” celebration – Door County’s original summer festival.

  • At the Crossroads

    To celebrate the “Year of the Escarpment,” the Crossroads at Big Creek has replicated the Niagara Escarpment in their Learning Center. With the help of Meissner Landscaping, Inc and muralist Patty Clark, the center has not only expanded accessibility, but become a visual aid of the impressive Door County feature.

  • Door County Half Marathon Registration Opens Nov. 1

    Registration for the fourth annual Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet Bay 5k, a run in Peninsula State Park, opens Monday, Nov. 1.