Get the scoop on Door County food and drink scene, including breweries, restaurants and taverns. From Brussels to Washington Island, we’ve got the latest on what the peninsula’s chefs, bartenders, and artisans are cooking up for you in Door County.

  • More Than Fruit by the Roadside

    Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Market of Door County is located on a working fruit farm comprised of 100 acres of orchards and vineyards. “The working farm aspect is important,” says owner/general manager Carrie Lautenbach Viste, “because it allows visitors to experience everything that happens on a fruit farm, from planting in the spring to […]

  • The Door County 100-mile Diet Challenge

    In 2005, Vancouver residents Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon decided for economic, environmental, and health reasons to only eat food grown within 100 miles of their home for one year. (On average, your food travels between 1,200 and 2,500 miles to reach you.) Their efforts have inspired many, including 14 Door County households who began […]

  • Fresh Offerings & Saving Favorites

    What would you do with your last day on Earth? A tough question to answer but Barbara Luhring knows; she would spend it at T. Ashwell’s, eating at the bar and sipping her favorite cocktail made for her by her favorite bartender, Zack Lozoff. If that isn’t a restaurant recommendation, I don’t know what is. […]

  • Ever Wonder…Why there are goats on the roof at Al Johnson’s?

    For 36 years the goats grazing on Al Johnson’s roof in Sister Bay have attracted thousands of tourists, but very few know the story behind them.

  • Bea’s Ho-Made Products: Start With a Picnic Table and a Coffee Can

    If a story is good, it is worth telling over and over again. Such is the case with Bea’s Ho-Made Products. In 1962, Beatrice (Bea) and Bob Landin were raising their two daughters and working their Gills Rock farm. Their elder daughter, Linda, put a picnic table out by the roadside and sold some cherries […]

  • A New Twist at The Nautical Inn

    Sometimes putting a new twist on an old favorite works, and sometimes it doesn’t. Lucky for Door County residents and those who like to visit, Chef Andy’s Nautical Inn (referred to around town as “The New Nautical”) is a winner. Tucked into 234 Kentucky Street in downtown Sturgeon Bay, just a half block from the […]

  • Start with the Familiar

    When Chef Terri Milligan creates a new recipe, she begins by identifying a single item around which the entrée can evolve. As Terri explains, “I look at the item and simply ask, what goes well with this?” For example, cherries in season could inspire a new sauce for wild game. Freshly gathered morel mushrooms might […]

  • Door County’s Other Accents

    “How are you?” It’s the most common of questions, and usually doesn’t elicit much thought before a response. “I’m fine, thanks,” is the standard, no-thought response, whether true or not. But for the 400 or so international students who come to Door County to work in its kitchens, dining rooms, and shopping aisles each summer, […]

  • Farewell to the Father of the Norzwich

    The Father of the Norzwich, Gerald Norz, died June 8 at age 78. For 30 years he was a fixture, along with his wife Ann, in the aisles and behind the deli counter at the Fish Creek General Store.

  • Introducing “Wild” Asparagus

    Popping out of the pages of Paul and Marilyn Mahlberg’s fantastic little book, Wildflowers of Door County, are Marilyn’s lively watercolor renderings of the peninsula’s treasure trove of plants. Enshrined on page 116 is the tasty little gem, Asparagus officinale! However, in Paul’s succinct description of the plant appears a word that raises an eyebrow […]

  • In Love with Food & Wine: Twenty Years of the Mission Grille

    Fine dining can be intimidating. There is a perception that the wait staff will be snooty, the sommelier will talk down to you and the atmosphere will be stuffy. That is a misconception that the Mission Grille has successfully turned on its ear for the past 20 seasons. Diners are greeted with more than just […]

  • A Culinary Anchor: The Inn at Cedar Crossing

    It takes just one bite of the Brie Cheese Beignet (a brie cheese wedge, breaded, fried crisp, and served with raspberry coulis and fresh fruit) to let me know that I’ve made the right decision to lunch at the Inn at Cedar Crossing in downtown Sturgeon Bay. Located on the corner of Third Avenue and […]

  • “Perks” Take Base Camp to Higher Ground

    Service at a lower level isn’t what it used to be. Not when you can open the door to Base Camp Coffee Bar below Ecology Sports in Sister Bay and be greeted warmly – by the coffee, by the staff and by the fire. With his back to the flames of the gas stove, the […]

  • A Glimpse of Door County Wineries

    People are drawn to Door County for a lot of reasons – restaurants, shopping, scenery, and of course, all things cherry – but you don’t find many people who come here with wine on the brain.

  • Lunch (and more) at Launch: Café Launch

    “Eating and drinking at Launch is always the right choice:  great food, great beer, great company. Good times…” –Chris Olson, Door County resident and Launch-goer In every town, I suspect, there is a place – often but not always an eating and drinking establishment – that locals hope to keep quiet. Sort of like the […]

  • The Bistro at Liberty Square: The Story of an Old Storefront and a New Restaurant

    When you arrive in the sleepy little village of Egg Harbor by way of Highway 42, the clean, glistening white storefront in the heart of town, across the street from Main Street Market, might surprise you a bit. Not by the fact that it’s there – the complex itself has been there for about 10 […]

  • Building a Treasure Map: Savard Aims to Take the Hunt Out of Buying Local

    Marc Savard is one of an increasingly rare breed – a farmer in northern Door County. The cost of land, property taxes, and development pressure has made farming a largely unsound financial venture on the thumbnail of the peninsula, and for those who are sticking it out it’s a struggle to peddle your wares.

  • Simon Creek Vineyard and Winery

    Rows of grapevines on the gently rolling hills might suggest Napa Valley to a visitor sitting on the terrace of the Simon Creek Winery. But these grapes thrive at the center of the Door Peninsula, not far from Carlsville.

  • Clean Air Act: AC Tap goes smoke free

    It’s part of the price you pay for a night on the town. Drink too much, you get a hangover and, if you’re responsible, a quest for a ride back to your car the next morning.

  • Pull Up a Stool & Just Try to Clean a Plate: Door County Diners

    The byways of Door County were once dotted with drive-in restaurants, supper clubs, and greasy spoons that served cheap, home-cooked grub to the farmers, fruit-pickers, and families who flocked to the peninsula’s cooling shores. Over time their numbers have dwindled or styles changed to cater to the desires of a new clientele and compensate for […]