Area: Gibraltar

  • myTEAM TRIUMPH Helps Disabled Athlete Join the Race

    Like many of those running in this weekend’s Door County Half Marathon and Nicolet Bay 5k in Peninsula State Park, Kayla Kudick signed up for the race “to try something new.

  • Door County Recycling Guide: What, Where and When to Recycle

    This Door County, Wisconsin recycling guide has all the info you need to take care of your waste responsibly.

  • Helen Hecht, Historic Hitter

    “When she told me I started to cry,” said Helen Hecht, about when her coach Lauren Bremer told her she was named Packerland Volleyball Player of the Year for 2014.

  • Door County’s Islands

    Door County, this spit of the Niagara Escarpment, is truly a dynamic bit of land – in history, in culture, in nature. I’ve spent a large chunk of my life traversing and exploring this peninsula, noticing here and there the dots of land on the horizon:  Adventure Island, Horseshoe Island, Detroit Island. I might stop […]

  • Len Villano

    The Cemeteries of Peninsula State Park

    As a small child visiting Peninsula State Park one brisk autumn, my father took me by the hand and led me across the street from Weborg Point into the woods. We moved precariously down an unmarked, overgrown trail and emerged into a small cluster of gravestones, slightly pitching and yawing from the earth the way […]

  • Four Decades Later National Geographic Photographer Reshoots Door County

    As we stand inside the Potter’s Wheel in Fish Creek, photographer Don Emmerich is working hard to recreate a picture from his first published National Geographic assignment, the March 1969 cover story that many credit with making the Door Peninsula into the destination it is today.

  • The Enduring Appeal of Door County Supper Clubs

    For years, the sign outside the roadside restaurant and ballroom south of Jacksonport read “Mr. G’s Supper Club.” A few years ago, Mr. G’s co-owners Bob and Mary Geitner changed the name of the restaurant to Mr. G’s Logan Creek Grille, but in the years leading up to the name change, they regularly fielded the […]

  • Stalking Tranquility – Door County’s Hunting Tradition Alive and Well

    When you ask a seasoned hunter what he likes most about his sport, don’t assume the answer is bagging a 30-point buck. More than likely he will mention the tranquility of the woods, the closeness to nature. Civilized man often works inside a building and travels inside a vehicle. Sometimes his only opportunity to commune with […]

  • Peninsula State park

    The Enduring Value of Peninsula State Park

    “I’m going for a run in the park,” I said to Brian Fitzgerald, a friend and the race director for this weekend’s Door County Half Marathon in Peninsula State Park. We occasionally hit the trails there

  • What Makes a Local a Local in Door County?

    Every town has its “locals.” In some towns they’re called “old-timers,” in others they might be referred to as “the good old boys.” Sometimes they’re called “natives.” Some people use the words interchangeably and toss them about casually, while others reserve the words for a strictly defined subset of the population. But on a peninsula […]

  • Dr. Rudolph Barta: Fish Creek’s Weed Guy

    Dr. Rudolph Barta, MD, neonatologist at the Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, pulls weeds in public gardens around Fish Creek. Another once successful man now on the skids? Hardly!

  • Ephraim’s Herbi Hardt Looks Back on 98 Years

    Herbi Hardt saw World War I his German homeland, came to America in 1923, and got to know a man named Jens Jensen in his early years in Door County. All just part of a colorful life.

  • Peninsula Players Mainstay Bob Thompson Dies

    Bob Thompson spent parts of seven decades at Door County’s Peninsula Players.

  • Door County Half Marathon

    Getting Started Is the Hard Part at the Door County Half Marathon

    It was about 9:45 in the morning on Saturday when most of the thousand runners in the Door County Half Marathon swarmed into place along Shore Road, packed tight and eager for the start of the 3rd running

  • Beyond Elephant Hunting: Revitalization will come in small doses and niche markets

    When small towns watch their talented young people walk out the door, community leaders are left to ponder what would have kept them around. Some communities respond by building attractions, new amenities like trails or marinas, and some have even given away land in a sort of 21st century Homestead Act.

  • From Peninsula Players to Pixar

    Two actors stepped to the front of the empty stage to take a curtain call all their own. Before them, the seats were empty and cold, behind them, the stage was bare.

  • Unbeatable: ’69 Vikings Almost Were

    Four times in the past four decades the Gibraltar boys basketball team has finished an entire season without a victory. In 1968-69, the Vikings couldn’t lose. That team, led by the unstoppable Dave Voskuil, posted the first undefeated regular season in Door County history, going 18 – 0 in the old Peninsula Conference. Gibraltar’s cozy […]

  • A Glimpse of Door County Wineries

    People are drawn to Door County for a lot of reasons – restaurants, shopping, scenery, and of course, all things cherry – but you don’t find many people who come here with wine on the brain.

  • An Unlikely Hero: Gibraltar’s Iva Grasse

    On the social networking website Facebook, 196 graduates of the Gibraltar Public Schools have formed a fan club for a hero they all share, a person the website calls “the coolest person in the world.” In a forum where other Wisconsinites are creating fan pages for Jacob Leinenkugel or Brett Favre, these young people are […]

  • Gibraltar’s Fleeting Moment

    Nearly two full years had passed since the last Gibraltar victory in boys basketball. Countless shots had been taken, practices survived, and ankles sprained. This is the familiar cycle of Gibraltar sports in the Packerland Conference: occasional stretches of a win or two or some close games, surrounded by disheartening, motivation-sapping losing streaks and disappointment. […]