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  • Len Villano, Morgan Jandrin

    Leading by Example: Morgan Jandrin, for the love of littles

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. Eighteen-year-old Morgan Jandrin loves working with kids. “There’s always something new that happens,” she says. A senior at Southern Door High School, Morgan is enrolled in the elective Volunteerism course, through which she works at a nearby […]

  • Len Villano, Donna Brown

    Leading by Example: Donna Brown, living art, sharing art

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. Every summer, the children of itinerant cherry pickers in northern Door County participate in the Migrant Education Program, run by Gibraltar School and the Hardy Gallery. And every summer, artist and educator Donna Brown provides the arts […]

  • Len Villano, Peteer Sigmann

    Leading by Example: Peter Sigmann, considering the next generation

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. Dr. Peter Sigmann has 50 years of primary practice experience under his belt and has been volunteering at the Community Clinic of Door County since moving to the county in 2000. As he welcomes me into his […]

  • Len Villano, Greg Swain

    Leading by Example: Greg Swain, answering the call

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. Greg Swain sits in the Sturgeon Bay office of his software company and makes a phone call to his Gibraltar Fire Department colleague Ward Merkel. “Hi, honey,” Swain jokes, and Merkel replies similarly from the other end […]

  • Len Villano, Mike McHugh

    Leading by Example: Mike McHugh, The Pool’s the Thing

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. It’s a Tuesday afternoon, and YMCA Swim Coach Mike McHugh is standing at the edge of the upper deck, gripping the railing and watching closely as a few dozen young kids swim back and forth in the […]

  • Len Villano, Alison Carreno

    Leading by Example: Alison Carreño, mother and mentor

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. Alison Carreño knows that being the best parent you can be means staying connected to others. She was less than two years out of high school when her daughter Esmerelda, who is now six, was born. At […]

  • Causes to Celebrate

    A large crowd gathered at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay for the Packers Tailgate Tour party on May 19, 2012. Mason Crosby, Jordy Nelson, Charlie Peprah, Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy and Hall of Famers Marco Rivera, William Henderson, and Larry McCarren attended the event. Photo by Len Villano. Matt Lutsey of Waseda Farms manned the […]

  • Len Villano

    Partying with Purpose

    A lot of people that look up to celebrities these days do so for the absolute wrong reasons, just wishing they could party it up and spend money without a care in the world like their favorite flavor of the month. While Door County’s Pirates in the Harbour, a charity group that seeks to emulate […]

  • Len Villano, John Herlache

    PowerFlour Makes Scarce Food More Nutritious

    Door County is known as a charitable community, but not everyone gives locally. Some, like John Herlache and members of the Sturgeon Bay Rotary Club, work with a non-profit that reaches across the globe called PowerFlour International. “When you’re talking about PowerFlour, you’re talking about malnutrition, prevention and treatment,” Herlache said. “It concerns digestion.” Food […]

  • Leading by Example: The Fight of Bo Johnson

    In this year’s Philanthropy Issue we bring you the stories of seven people inspiring others in our community. We start with one who is with us only in spirit, but what a spirit he is. There were times during his chemotherapy treatments that Bo Johnson didn’t understand why he was going through such a painful […]

  • Charity Defense Council launched to Redefine how we Judge Charitites

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is fighting to reign in executive compensation, going so far as to create a task force to review compensation packages for a special class of the state’s executives. In an era where the gap is large between rich and poor, and in which the middle class has seen incomes stagnate, […]

  • Matt Norman

    Volunteers Honored at Golden Heart Awards

    The first thing I hear when we want to recognize volunteers is “Oh, no…not me. I really don’t do that much. I just help where I can.” That’s the thing about volunteers. They minimize their importance because they truly believe that they’re not doing enough! Volunteers volunteer because they care. They care about the people […]

  • Anne Emerson, 2012 Philanthropist of the Year

    Anne Haberland Emerson said she doesn’t wake up each day thinking about how she can help people. “I’ve only done things I thought were exciting and fun,” said the woman who left her job at the University of Chicago Press in 1969 to help her mother open a gallery in Fish Creek…and never left. But […]

  • Matt Norman, Golden Hear Awards

    Volunteers Honored at Golden Heart Awards

    We all know them – the people who always seem to be busy organizing meals for a family that’s going through a rough patch, or the retired neighbor who seems to be anything-but-retired because they’re busy driving someone to an appointment or reading to a child at school. These are the individuals who literally “grow […]

  • Lee Traven, Philanthropist of the Year, Door County

    Lee Traven Named Philanthropist of the Year

    Through his exceptional generosity of money and time, Lee Traven has developed a reputation for good deeds around Door County. And, at Scandia Village Good Samaritan retirement community, where he now lives, he has developed a reputation for connecting people. Scandia Senior Housing Manager Lynn Mattke said he has proven to be a vital human […]

  • Gretchen Klug, "Bay to Bay"

    Klug Donates “Bay to Bay” for Charity

    “I feel philanthropy in Door County has made the county what it is today,” says artist and Door County resident Gretchen Klug, who has generously donated her time, talent, and painting “Bay to Bay” to represent Door County Living’s fourth annual Philanthropy Issue. Door County Living will auction the Klug original painting (oil on canvas, […]

  • Causes to Celebrate

    The Door County Triathlon donated $30,000 each to the Door County YMCA, and the Friends of Door County Parks in 2011. In its seventh year, the race drew 2,000 participants. Photos by Dan Eggert.   Cynthia Johnson and Jean Engelke at the Peninsula School of Art’s “Unruffled Views” exhibition reception in May of 2011. Photo […]

  • Philanthropy: It’s About More than Money

    Recently, I have been spending much of my free time thinking about philanthropy. In particular, I have puzzled over the meaning of the word philanthropy. How do we define philanthropy? Who deserves to be called a philanthropist? The conclusion I have reached is that our general usage, if not our general understanding, of the word […]

  • Fulfilling the Diverse Needs of the Door

    For its limited space and sparse permanent population, Door County offers residents and visitors a number of opportunities to better their lives through healthcare, the arts, and recreational and learning activities. Take a quick look at how these five nonprofit organizations are enhancing the community. Crossroads at Big Creek 2041 Michigan Street, Sturgeon Bay […]

  • Five People Making a Difference

    Door County’s Renaissance Man Brian Fitzgerald By Lauren Bremer Brian Fitzgerald is a man who is at home on the ice, so when he made Door County his permanent home, he saw an opportunity to forge something from that cold, slippery surface. The journey that Fitzgerald embarked on the winter of 1994 would start him […]