Winter 2016/2017 – volume 14 issue 4

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In this issue

  • An Icy Resolve for Whitefish

    On a bitterly cold morning last February, I strolled onto the ice off Frank E. Murphy Park in Egg Harbor to check out a couple of ice shanties that were about a quarter-mile offshore. I was hoping to find someone inside the shanties for a story we have been talking about doing for this publication […]

  • Len Villano, Boyd Stewart

    A Dream House from Modest Means

    It was love at first sight between Boyd Stewart II and Door County. The Texas native graduated from the University of Texas — Austin in ’73 and was hired as an intern for a division of The New York Times. “They put me in Chicago,” he said. “We were doing a nationwide health and beauty […]

  • Winter Carboration! Grandma Style Mac & Cheese

    You will not find this recipe in any weight loss or healthy living diet plan. Proceed at your own risk. Winter is right around the corner. I love it! The darkened months here in Wisconsin are the time of year it is okay to go to bed at 8:00 pm (it has already been dark […]

  • Reaching for the Sky: Photographer Denny Moutray

    For Gills Rock photographer Denny Moutray, “the thrill of the hunt” drives him to pick up his camera. As he has been coming to the Door Peninsula since 1970, he has shot much of the area’s flora and fauna, the shoreline and the forests, the orchards and old buildings. Now looking for new frontiers, “I […]

  • The Winter Whitefish Economy

    The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute has some great information on whitefish on its webpage, but it comes to an abrupt and ultimately unsatisfying end with this sole “Fun Fact:”  “There is a popular ice sport fishery for lake whitefish in Green Bay.” Hmmm. No links to anything to prove such a sweeping statement. […]

  • Fish on the Brain: Whitefish Chowder

    Living in a community surrounded by water, you know there is fishing on the brain. People are diehards, they live to fish…or is it fish to live? Depending on the winter weather the Door is dealt, we are blessed with the phenomenon of overnight pop-up shantytowns dotting the coastline, here one day and gone the […]

  • History and Future of the Lake Whitefish

    It was 1857 when a few New Englanders wanted a taste of lake whitefish. Carl Miller and Henry Brown went to Lake Ontario and took male and female whitefish out of fisherman’s nets. They impregnated an estimated one million eggs and brought them back to Lake Saltonstall in Connecticut. The next year, they brought 10 […]

  • Marcus Trana: No Escaping the Music

    When music producer and drummer Marcus Trana came to Sturgeon Bay from his native Norway, he thought he was done with the music scene. “I was burned out,” he says. Trana relocated to Wisconsin in 2013 with his wife, Charlotte Baierl, a Door County native, and the couple started Nistebox, Sturgeon Bay’s signature food truck. […]

  • Len Villano, Bridgeport Resort

    Bridgeport Waterfront Resort

    The Bridgeport Waterfront Resort on Sturgeon Bay’s west side opened in June 1997, one of the first condominium properties in the downtown area. Dave Holtz, who was named general manager eight months earlier, has seen the 60-suite facility become a top-performing resort in Door County. Bridgeport includes one-, two- and three-bedroom suites with full kitchens, […]

  • Twenty Years with a ‘Pulse’: Part 3 – The History of the Peninsula Pulse

    In parts one and two of this series on the first 20 years of the Peninsula Pulse we looked at how the newspaper was started by two liberal arts graduates, up until 2001 when one of the founders, Thomas McKenzie, moved to Los Angeles. We take up this final installment with a new business partner and a […]

  • Len Villano, Tony Esposito

    Black Hawk in Baileys Harbor: Hockey Legend Tony Esposito

    The average little boy in the U.S. is probably tossing a baseball with his dad or big brother by age three, so he’ll be ready for T-ball the next year. The timeline is pretty much the same north of the border, except that the sport (and the season it’s played) is different. In Sault Ste. […]

  • Factory Demos, Beat Poets & Bar Napkins: Poet Jack Redell

    “Fame might be only one bar napkin away,” Jack Redell joked, referring to the practice of jotting an inspiration on whatever paper is at hand, and then, like Wordsworth, recollecting that emotion in tranquility to write a poem. Redell’s journey toward becoming a poet began in the Windy City where he was raised. After graduating […]

  • How Baileys Harbor Got Its Name

    If pioneer entrepreneur Alanson Sweet had been an egomaniac, Baileys Harbor might be known today as Sweets Harbor. Instead, the place was named for the captain of one of the Milwaukee businessman’s Great Lakes schooners, Capt. Justice Bailey. Fearing for the safety of the two-masted schooner Gazelle during a violent storm in October of 1848, […]

  • Roy and Charlotte Lukes: Owls from the Arctic

    Editor’s note:  While Roy Lukes died at the age of 86 on June 26, 2016, his nature articles will continue to live on in Door County Living with the help of Roy’s wife, Charlotte, who has agreed to continue providing work from Roy’s extensive archives. For that reason, the article includes both their names. When […]

  • Brandy: Badger State in a Bottle

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a Door County liquor cabinet or hunting cabin that doesn’t contain a bottle of brandy. As the primary ingredient in our unofficial state cocktail, the old-fashioned, brandy is everywhere. In fact, one third of Korbel brandy, produced in California, is exported to Wisconsin. In the liquor business, Wisconsin, Minnesota and […]

  • A Man Named Robert Noble And His Death-Defying Journey Across Death’s Door

    On a cold winter morning at the very end of December in the year 1863, a man named Robert Noble pushed a small wooden boat he had borrowed from an 11-year-old boy into the waters off the shore of Washington Island. Little did he or the boy know that that trip — what was expected […]