Autumn 2010 – volume 8 issue 3

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In this issue

  • Warm Up Autumn with Apple Cider

    When people think of fruit crops in Door County, what immediately comes to mind is, of course, cherries, but apples make up a significant portion of local orchards in our area as well. The harvest of many varieties starts in mid-September and lasts for about a month. When the colors on the trees start to […]

  • Tending Their Treasure

    The English Inn is an indelible piece of the Fish Creek story. Devoted patrons have been coming to the restaurant for decades, back to the days when it was the original Parkway (commonly referred to as “The Diaper Inn,” since it was an 18-year-old bar and just about anyone could get in). The building, which […]

  • Hot Town, Summer in the Kitchen

    Soup and salad:  a deeply satisfying, heart-happy combination. Yet, like many classic things, it can be done to perfection reminiscent of Mom’s home cooking, or it can pale in comparison. At the Summer Kitchen, located on the north end of Ephraim, owners and brothers Nino and Armando Jauregui make a mean cup of soup. In […]

  • Family-Operated Fun on the Water

    People visiting and people working in Door County have one key similarity:  we all value our days (or even our few precious hours) off. So, when I was offered a chance by Captain David Graves to come aboard his Harbor Lady cruise boat on a sunny Fourth of July afternoon, I gladly jumped at the […]

  • Old Timber, New Uses

    As anyone who has ever undertaken a major construction or remodeling project knows, there are an infinite number of decisions to be made about the materials used. For some, those choices are guided by a desire to avoid using new materials when old will do, whether those old materials are already present in your home […]

  • Perseverance & Determination

    An adventurous life shaped by the game of golf has defined Sylvia Ferdon by four simple words:  player, teacher, coach, survivor. As an ardent player, she competed on the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour against the likes of Nancy Lopez. As a devoted teacher, she spent 10 summers as the head teaching professional at […]

  • Cycling in woods

    Door County’s Quiet Jewel

    Few Door County visitors have missed a spin through famed Peninsula State Park to climb the tower, take in a show at American Folklore Theatre, or just meander along the roads. But if you’ve never been to Potawatomi State Park, located along the southern shoreline of Sturgeon Bay, you’re missing out on one of the […]

  • Easy Riders

    After the passing of actor Dennis Hopper earlier this year, television news programs showed clips of the iconic film Easy Rider. For some of us, meeting a group of bikers on the highway conjures images of Hopper’s counter-culture character, and we flip the locks of our car doors. According to Door County biker Rol Grabenkort, […]

  • Sailing to Door County on a Trolley

    To say that Oprah Winfrey is responsible for all those red trolleys seen around Door County is not an exaggeration. The multi-million dollar queen of daytime television didn’t back the company financially or even tout it in O magazine; but, had it not been for an Oprah episode in the late ‘90s, A.J. Frank would […]

  • Family, Love and History

    On any given summer day, you might find Katie Dahl picking cherries on her family’s orchard north of Sister Bay or singing about the same fruit trees before a packed house of adoring fans. This singer-songwriter is by no means new to Door County, where she has been a smiling face all around performing arts […]

  • Nik of All Trades

    Nik Garvoille is unassuming, a laid-back, soft-spoken man with a lot of talent, a lot. On a sunny afternoon, he and I sit outside Good Eggs with our breakfast burritos, drinking coffee and orange juice, as we often do as coworkers of the Peninsula Pulse. However, this particular afternoon I have a notepad with a […]

  • “One eye sees, the other feels.”

    How many people receive original black and white Ansel Adams-type photographs embedded in an email or a Sally Mann-influenced image of an eight-year-old daughter printed on a linen note card? One never gets used to such elegance and artful generosity as a friend of Suzanne Rose. The word “elegance” embraces the ideas of grace and […]

  • Old-Growth Forests

    Growing up in the small town of Kewaunee, especially during my high school days from 1944 to 1947, taking long weekend hikes in our favorite woods was an absolute tonic, a necessity, for a few of my best friends and me. The privately-owned mixed hardwoods bordering the Kewaunee River on the north and west sides […]

  • Time to Leave the Lakes Alone

    After a century and a half of trying to control the Great Lakes, is it time to concede to Mother Nature? Bryan Nelson stands on his wooden boardwalk over Lake Michigan, about 100 feet from shore. Well, 10 years ago he’d be standing over Lake Michigan water. Today, he’s surrounded by tall grasses growing from […]

  • Thumb Fun – Door County’s Accidental Icon

    Standing amid the suburban-style condominiums that make up the Northhaven development in Fish Creek, one can’t help but be struck by the contrast between what was and what is. Here, where water sprays into the air from the middle of a pond ringed by 141 condominium units, is the land that was once the site […]