Early Summer 2018 – volume 16 issue 1

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In this issue

  • A Remodel With History at Heart: True North Real Estate Offices

    By the time the Seventh-day Adventist Church finally closed its doors in Fish Creek in 2015, member Polly Kuehn knew it was time to move on. The church was built by the congregation’s 64 members in 1892 on a plot below the bluff donated by Fish Creek founder Asa Thorp. By 2015 the congregation claimed […]

  • Curious Door – the Peninsula’s Most Mysterious Places

    Speckled amidst the farms, bluffs and manicured estates of Door County are sites that seem a step out of place. There are curiosities that make you ask, “I wonder what the deal is with that?” You’ll pass them time and again, always asking the question, if only to yourself. Here we track down the stories […]

  • New Waters for Old Sailors: Reconstructed Boat to Sail Around the World

    The ancient thought experiment posed by the Ship of Theseus occupies the minds of many college philosophy courses. It asks: If you replace every piece of wood and hardware in a ship over a long period of time so that none of the original material remains, is it still the same ship? Dan McNeil doesn’t […]

  • Ridges Ramble – Hiking The Ridges Sanctuary

    Nestled along the Door Peninsula’s eastern shore is one of the state’s most biologically diverse ecosystems:  The Ridges Sanctuary. A springtime hike among these 1,500 acres introduces visitors to flora and fauna almost exclusive to this little patch of North America, from native orchids to the federally endangered dwarf lake iris. The sanctuary’s namesake comes […]

  • How Ellison Bay Got Its Name

    You can blame the name Ellison Bay on the government, or, to be more precise, the government land officer who got Johan Brendt Eliason’s name wrong when he filed a claim. Eliason — recognized as the founder of Ellison Bay — was born in Denmark on Sept. 12, 1823. Or, maybe he was born in […]

  • The Life & Work of Painter Jessie Kalmbach Chase

    The early 20th century artist Jessie Kalmbach Chase had a knack for perfectly capturing the rolling fields, country roads, shadowy birch forests and lush green lawns of her native Door County, despite her most deeply held artistic tenet. “It is best not to do the actual canvas in the field,” Chase told a Wisconsin State […]

  • A Countryside Getaway: The Chanticleer Guest House

    The Chanticleer Guest House is set to celebrate its silver jubilee this year, having provided guests with premier service and a rustic getaway for a quarter of a century. Located one-half mile north of Sturgeon Bay, the Chanticleer rests atop a combined 70 acres in two parcels. The 30-acre mainstay is home to the main […]

  • Success through Service: Event Planner Carrie Baldwin Smith

    For wedding planner Carrie Baldwin Smith, this past March marked a full 20 years of answering the needs and realizing the dreams of Door County brides and grooms. In that time Carrie has gone from flying solo and managing six weddings in a year, to employing two other planners and pulling off 40 to 50. […]

  • Poem: ‘ALONG THE WAY’ by Sharon Auberle

    Editor’s Note:  In honor of Door County’s rich literary and photography communities, the editorial staff at Door County Living decided to highlight both in this issue’s literature section. Following is a poem written by Door County Poet Laureate Sharon Auberle, inspired by a springtime image captured by our photography director Len Villano. ALONG THE WAY […]

  • Bob Appel: Writer of Icons

    Bob Appel “writes” icons. Most people, in the computer age, would describe an icon as a small graphic representation of a program or file. But what Appel creates are very different — art depicting Christ, Mary, saints and/or angels. The tradition he follows — dating back at least 15 centuries — is based on the […]

  • On Your Plate: Pretzel Pockets

    A broad charge was given to me for a recipe in the spring magazine — something with beer. My first thought was an Irish stew with Guinness. Ah, too easy. Who can’t make a delicious stew? That’s when the food gods dropped man buns in my lap, so to speak. Yes, I know that is […]

  • Colorful Singing Warblers of Spring

    Many Door County people are enjoying migratory birds, either as they pause to rest or feed during their journey northward, or as they arrive and settle in to nest and raise their young. Gradually their numbers will increase to the point of exhilaration. Soon indigo buntings, rose-breasted grosbeaks, Baltimore orioles, ruby-throated hummingbirds and at least […]

  • Juicing Up: Juice Bars Sprout Tasty and Healthy Treats

    If you have ever had trouble getting your share of fruits and vegetables, some new spots in Door County may be your solution. Juice bars have popped up throughout the peninsula and they’re sharing the secrets of enjoying these easy and healthy options at home. “Juice is kind of an IV of nothing but goodness,” […]

  • Paganini of the Steelpan: Birch Creek’s Liam Teague

    On June 22, 2017, the two-week percussion and steel band session at Birch Creek in Egg Harbor had been underway for four days. The first performance of the session was that evening. It was a faculty showcase that demonstrated both the ingenuity and talent of the instructors. One of the evening’s highlights was Liam Teague’s […]

  • Summer ‘Door County Living’ Explores the Curious Door

    I remember the first episode of The Twilight Zone I ever saw. It was a cold, spring night, just a few months after I decided to silence my personal critics by adding a television to my minimal collection of apartment furniture. It was the first time I had access to public television since the country’s […]

  • On Your Plate: Spring into Slaw

    Cabbage is king when it comes to slaw. Traditionally, the base ingredient in coleslaw is cabbage and will always be cabbage. When eaten raw it takes on the flavors of the things it is melded with, and cabbage is packed full of vitamins and minerals, all the stuff that’s good for you! Cabbage is a […]