Best of the Web: Our Top 20 Articles of 2018

The pulse of business and the pull of nostalgia drew readers to in 2018, when news of old icons going up for sale and new businesses opening dominated the list of the top news and feature articles of the year.

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  1. Fred and Fuzzy’s Little Sister Resort Listed for Sale, May
  2. Alpine Resort and Golf Course Listed for Sale, April
  3. Cherry Lanes Will Become Door County’s First Arcade Bar, January
  4. 5 New Door County Bars and Restaurants Opening in 2018, May
  5. An Icy Home Invasion, April
  6. Blizzard Buries Door County in Snow, April
  7. Curious Door: The Peninsula’s Most Mysterious Places, May
  8. Chateau Hutter: The Grand Resort That Never Was, July 2014
  9. Sister Bay Gets First Look at 40-unit Hotel, January
  10. Potawatomi Tower Coming Down, April
  11. Piggly Wiggly Expansion Slated for Spring 2019, September
  12. New Businesses, New Ephraim, May
  13. Nov. 6 Door County Election Results, November
  14. Sister Bay Approves Wedding Campus, January
  15. Milwaukee Man Killed in Sister Bay Crash, October
  16. Egg Harbor Awash with Business Activity, May
  17. Winter Burn on Evergreen Trees and Shrubs, July
  18. S.S. Alpena Awaiting Rescue in Ice Near Sister Bay, April
  19. Hatch Distilling Co. Opens in Egg Harbor, July
  20. Finding Context for the Sister Bay Hotel Debate, March

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