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  • New Jerry Apps Book Reflects on Water Memories & Meanings

    Rural life author Jerry Apps shares his memories of water – from its importance to crops and cattle on the farm to its many recreational uses – in his newest book, Never Curse the Rain: A Farm Boy’s Reflections on Water. From hauling buckets of water from a windmill pump into the farmhouse to listening […]

  • Review: ‘Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis’

    After the bombardment of postmortems following November’s election, many of us feel that we have reached the point that the autopsies of the autopsies have left no political remains to be buried. Nonetheless, let me recommend J.D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis. The 31-year-old author writes of his […]

  • Using Art to Inspire Writing

    It turns out photography isn’t the only medium that can speak a thousand words. With the right approach, sculpture, painting and even glass-blown works can as well. Just ask author, poet and instructor Anne-Marie Oomen, who recently teamed up with Write On, Door County to lead a workshop on ekphrastic writing – the literary technique […]

  • Isherwood: Potato Vacation

    Autumn is to remember potato vacation. A time of one-room schools neatly scattered through the townships like jubilant watermelon patches. When kids walked to school, pumped the water and filled the reservoir, swept the outhouse, clapped the erasers before pledging the allegiance to the flag, and President Washington reigned over the alphabet strip. This, our […]

  • ‘Good Seeds’ Author Brings Menominee Indian Food Memoir to Door

    Because my Wisconsin dairy farm family foraged for hickory nuts, morel mushrooms, and wild blackberries, I read with interest Thomas Pecore Weso’s new book, Good Seeds: A Menominee Indian Food Memoir. A member of the Wisconsin Menominee Nation, Weso takes readers through an indigenous culinary history of his people, every chapter devoted to a different […]

  • History Professor Details the Greatest Generation at Door County Historical Society Meeting

    The Door County Historical Society will host its dinner meeting and program “When is Daddy Coming Home?” presented by author Richard Haney on Oct. 24 at the Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church at 6 pm. Haney makes an exceptional contribution to the literature on the Greatest Generation – one that is both devastatingly personal and representative […]

  • Book Review: ‘Memories of the American Girl’

    Memories of the American Girl, the title of a slim book by Washington Island resident Jim Anderson, might suggest to some mainlanders the memoir of an all-American woman looking back on her life. And in a metaphorical way, that thought would be correct. But in this case the American girl is no lady, rather a […]

  • Fall into Autumn’s New Book Releases

    Fall is a busy season for many: students are returning to class, third quarter tax payments are due, and many Door County businesses are preparing for the peninsula’s autumn festivals. Autumn is also an eventful season for book publishers – it is the season typically reserved for big-name, big-buzz books. This year is no exception; […]

  • Questions & Authors: ‘Selected Artists of Door County’

    “How true the old adage: ‘it’s all in the eye of the beholder.’ But if we are to appreciate art, we must try to understand what the artist wanted to achieve. The greater our understanding, the more we enjoy art.” Throughout her new book Selected Artists of Door County, local art historian Virginia Jones Maher […]

  • Book Review: ‘Alexander Hamilton’

    When the musical Hamilton opens in Chicago on Sept. 27, Midwestern audiences will be able to experience one of the most unlikely projects in the history of musical theater. The guiding genius of this project is Lin-Manuel Miranda, an actor, composer, writer, and hip-hop musician (an impressive, if unusual list of accomplishments). Miranda also has […]

  • Isherwood: How to Build A Bird

    Grandparents have a critical role in a kid’s education. My wife and I disagree on gender lines exactly what this role is, you can surmise the details: fire, gunpowder and jokes about farts. For myself I believe a grandfather’s role can be summed up by the acronym SOTG, Second Only to God, this where I […]

  • Book Review: ‘The Time of Our Lives: Collected Writings’

    By today’s standards, Peggy Noonan was a neglected child. Born in Brooklyn into a large and tempestuous family, she was packed off every summer to stay on Long Island with her two great aunts, immigrants from Ireland. They lived on a barren plain in a small house that was without air conditioning, telephone service, or […]

  • Bill Brophy, Hal Grutzmacher

    2016 Hal Prize Winners Announced

    Each fall, the Peninsula Pulse invites people of all ages, backgrounds and artistic abilities to submit stories, photographs and poems for a chance to be published in our annual Hal Prize literary and photography issue. The Hal Prize is held in the spirit of the late Hal Grutzmacher, a professor and Door County bookstore owner, […]

  • Holy Cow, and We Thought GMO Was A Tough Decision

    First, a nasty little list: Zika, West Nile, dengue, equine encephalitis, malaria, yellow fever, chikungunya, Rift Valley Fever, Kyasanur Forest Disease. Second, a word, arbovirus; a term used by epidemiologists to refer to numerous viruses that replicate in blood-feeding arthropods such as mosquitoes, sandflies, lice, mites and ticks and are transferred to humans by biting. […]

  • Isherwood: Windows In the Bathroom

    My bathroom faces south, meaning my bathroom window faces south, nothing strange about that. In fact all three of my bathroom windows face south, a nice little bay it is, windows all around. Nice place to look out at the world, if my bathroom at this point does give some visitors the creeps. Mindful that […]

  • WWA Jade Ring Contest is Open

    The Wisconsin Writers Association (WWA) Jade Ring Contest opened May 1, 2016, accepting unpublished material only. Entries close July 31, 2016. Three categories are offered: Poetry: All poems, from free verse to formal and everything in between. If it’s a poem, submit to this category. The maximum length is 75 lines. Fiction: All fiction, from […]

  • Isherwood: Love Your Neighborhood Lady…Bug

    My desk it seems is the natural habitat and reserve for the Asian lady beetle, a.k.a. Harmonia axyridis. If you Google “Asian Lady Beetle” the first site to appear will be for Asian Lady Beetle control…including the gallon size Asian Lady Beetle and Boxelder bug killer, $15.97 at Home Depot, the Ortho Pest Control Home […]

  • Lockwood Gallery Opening, Orchid Propagation & More Weekend Plans

    The Door Peninsula is alive with the sights and sounds of spring. While you wait for the temperatures to catch up, why not fill your weekend with celebrations of art, orchids, music, Arbor Day and the month of May? We’ve got all of that and more in our top picks for the weekend ahead. Friday, […]

  • Isherwood: A Smidgeon, A Tad, A Touch

    Some people don’t know a smidgeon is a real unit of measure. Same for a touch, a tweak, a trifle. Add a tad, a freck, a bit. Most people don’t know tape measure units come in inches and smidgeons, kinda depends on how dark it is, or if you’re wearing glasses, or if hurry counts. […]

  • Isherwood: Interest, As Huck Finn Understood the Business

    The fans of Mister Mark Twain hold Mark Twain ought have stood for the presidency, if for no other reason than to establish an historical precedent. An alternative to the tired tradition of advancing ex-generals, ex-senators, career politicos, along with miscellaneous capitalists and movie stars to that office, that a decent nation ought occasionally favor […]